7 Lessons for Today


Did you know that God gives us profound lessons daily? He does. Lessons are all around us, and they come in the form of people, opportunities, words on a sheet of paper, or any such device that the Lord chooses to use for His glory. Even before the concept of time came to be, God had already determined what He wanted each one of us to learn during our lifetime and when He wanted us to learn it. The lessons are vast and varied, and they always point back to the I AM.

Here are seven lessons that I have learned today.

7 Lessons for Today:

1) Christ is alive and living inside of me.

2) God thinks I am special.

3) Radical transformation is not  to be feared.

4) I can go boldly before the throne of grace.

5) The living water still cleanses and refreshes.

6) A relationship with God is a gift to be cherished.

7) A joy-filled and abundant life is all about love, forgiveness, hope, and faith.


God’s lessons are simple, and they never cease.  As each day passes and we get to take another bite, another breath, and another step  in our faith-walk. See and embrace God’s lessons. They are for our good and for His glory.


Challenge: Ask yourself whether or not you are focused on God enough to pick up on the lessons He has provided  for you today.


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