Looking for Balance?

Did you know that Jesus had to deal with finding balance in His life? He did. He had a job, or rather a mission, if you will. But, in addition to that, He had friends and followers He had to spend time with. He had groups of people who were against Him that He had to face from time to time throughout His ministry. He had to deal with His family. He also had to tend to His own relationship with His heavenly Father. In other words, He had to deal with work, home life, social relationships, personal spirituality, and kingdom walking.

I encourage you to study about the life of Jesus. Read how He dealt with day-to-day issues.  See what He practiced. Notice how He kept His balance. I guarantee you, it is worth a look.


Take a moment to share your thoughts and suggestions about life balance and time management. We’d love to hear from you.



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