Are You Building Walls or Erecting Altars?

When we encounter challenges in life, we may react in one of two ways. We may either build walls to protect ourselves or we may build altars to focus our attention on offering praises and blessings to the Lord. The danger of walls is that they can shut you in and shut others out, thereby isolating you and rendering you incapacitated. The treasure of altars is that they allow you to freely offer your highest and best to the Most High God, thereby delighting Him and positively affecting you.

Assess your methods for dealing with challenges. Are you building walls or are you erecting altars?

Suggested Word Study: Altar


One thought on “Are You Building Walls or Erecting Altars?

  1. It’s always interesting to go back and read lessons from the past. Somehow it’s always relevant in the present, and it has the ability to benefit you in the future. That’s so God.
    Living and growing from one faith level to the next…it’s quite something. I praise God for it. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
    Still being stretched for the glory and the good,

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