The Book of Proverbs

The title in the Hebrew Bible is “The Proverbs of Solomon.” Proverbs is a book of comparisons between common, concrete images and life’s most profound truths. Proverbs are simple moral statements (or illustrations) that highlight and teach fundamental realities about life.

The book reflects wisdom literature, insights, and instructions on life, all designed to encourage reflection on God.

There are a number of subjects in the book of Proverbs that should prove helpful to the disciple of Christ.

Pearls of Wisdom for the Family


Key Proverbs on Marriage:

5:15-19, 6:29, 12:4, 14:1, 18:22, 19:14, 21:9, 24:3 and 4, 27:8; 31:10-31

Key Proverbs on Parents:

13:22, 13:24, 14:26, 20:7, 22:6, 23:13-16, 24:21 and 22, 29:15, 29:17, 31:10-29

Key Proverbs on Children:

10:1, 13:1, 22:6, 22:15, 23:22-25, 24:21 and 22, 27:11, 28:7, 29:3, 29:15


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