Quiet Reflections and the Presence of God

This morning as I sat looking outside my window, I reflected on my life. I thought about all that I had experienced. Good times. Bad times. Challenges. Triumphs. I could not help recalling all of the special ways that God had shown Himself present.

God had always been present. He was present when I was hurting and afraid to cry out. He was present when I needed a friend who would love me in spite of myself and my not so pretty ways. He was present when I walked into compromising situations. He was present when I had to stand alone for a cause or fight I believed in. He was present when I chose the not so good path. He was also present and waiting when I returned back into His loving arms.

To know that God loves me, brokenness and all, and that He has always been present in my life moves me to tears. To know that He knew me even before my time on this side of heaven began shakes me to the core. To know that He makes Himself known in so many spectacular and amazing ways gives me hope. To know that He is present when I am not gives me comfort. And to know that His arms are wide open and His hands are outstretched toward me gives me peace.

The presence of God is a gift that I will cherish for as long as I live.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for Your Presence in my life. I am overjoyed that you care enough for me to be present at all times. I pray that you will delight me, overwhelm me, and thrill me for the remainder of my days. Love me as only You can, and help me to love you more than I already do. Help me to quietly reflect on who You are and to acknowledge Your powerful presence always.

What quiet reflections would you like to share?


2 thoughts on “Quiet Reflections and the Presence of God

  1. It’s comforting to know that God’s presence is with us at all times, even when we don’t feel him. He is still there. As I look back on the times of struggle and pain, I can see evidence of God’s handprint through all of it.

  2. I am reminded that God who was in the beginning has already completed the end. We are just walking thru that which He has already set in order.
    We are currently attending a very conservative Mennonite Church. We both feel that God has placed us there. We have learned some precious things from these “reverent” people and I feel they are learning from us.
    On July 30th a young man from our church drowned. It has been a testimony of God’s love to witness the way this church body and the Christian community has reached out to this family. Our congregation runs about 100 + and yet his funeral gathered some 500 people from around the world to be there in support for the family.
    Yesterday as they were on my mind, I had spent some time with Eva (the grieving mother) just the night before, I believe the Lord really spoke to me. Just three years ago I also had lost a son. I know every pain she feels. Many would like to say, I know what you are going thru but unless you have experienced the loss of a child you can’t possibly understand this pain. As I was thinking of her I knew God was saying – ” I have always known that the child would be called home early and I have placed you there to be a comfort for Eva.”
    We have been there a year now. We have grown to love these people and they have shown a love for us. God knew and has always known that we would be there for such a time as this.
    John 13:7 What I am doing, you do not understand now, But you will know in time.

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