A Hard Lesson in Love

Lesson: One of the most hurtful and distressing things that a Christian can go through is to be falsely accused of something by someone you love or care about. How do you deal with it? Do you get defensive? Do you try to explain your position? Do you try to change the way that person thinks? Or, do you move on? What exactly should you do?

As you try to wade through the waters of your confusion and come to some sense of understanding about your loved one’s perception, you should first center yourself in prayer. Go before the throne of grace. Place everything before God. Allow the LORD to ease your mind. Once that is done, you can begin to release yourself from the pain or sense of misplaced betrayal that you feel. And make sure you don’t forget to pray for the other person. He or she needs your prayers. No matter what that person may have wrongly insinuated as a fault of yours, he or she is more than likely in need of prayers for something they must deal with internally. It’s not your job to solve it for them or to “fix” anything. God will do that. It is, however, your responsibility to love them through it.

Lessons like this can be a hard lesson in love. However, you need to realize that you are not in bad company. Consider Jesus. He was falsely accused by those who were supposed to love Him. He was perceived to be something that He was not. What did Jesus do? He loved. He forgave. He blessed. He prayed for. He shared a message of truth. He showed compassion. He spoke when necessary and was silent when necessary. He shared His concerns with His Father. He was led by the Spirit.

Like Christ, we must take the hard lessons of life and counter them with the love of the Father. Extend grace where grace is needed. Grant mercy where mercy is needed. Exhibit Christ-like love. Seek the tutelage of the Spirit daily. Finally, pray without ceasing.

Assignment: In your personal journal, write a list of your current “hard lessons.” After you have completed this step, try to list examples from the life of Jesus that are similar to what you may be experiencing. Next, pray and ask God to help you respond to your hard lessons with the same heart and mind that Jesus had. Finally, meditate on the wisdom lessons and spiritual insight that God reveals to you.
Scripture Focus: Luke 23:34
Faith Forward Life Application: Counteract hard lessons with love lessons from on high.


One thought on “A Hard Lesson in Love

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