JONAH: Navigating a Life Interrupted (SEE JONAH RUN)

Tuesday Night Phone Tree Bible Study
(A Bible Study for Women)


The Phone Tree Bible Study: JONAH: Navigating a Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer

The Phone Tree Bible Study Period: August 31, 2010 – October 12, 2010

The Phone Tree Time: 9:30 PM – 10:00 PM (EST)

The Phone Tree Format: Phone Conferencing, Online Chats, and Prayer Support

Objective of Study: Learn to view your life interruptions as divine opportunities for God to intervene.

Week 3 Phone Tree Focus: SEE JONAH RUN (Session 2/Week 2 from book)

A Few Points from Priscilla:

– “When God places an abnormal calling on your life, it is because He has abnormal results He wants to produce through you.”

– “It’s far more simple and discreet to run away internally, isn’t it? We head to Tarshish in our hearts so we can still pretend we are obeying God.”

– “All of God is where you are, every moment of every day.”

– “Remaining sensitive to God’s work is a necessity if we are to respond, yet it’s difficult to maintain when we are living in rebellion.”

-“Any time you’ve trailed off course, the winds and the waves you faced showed His care.”

Navigating (The Lesson Synopsis):

In Week 2 of our adventure, we catch a glimpse of the backside, downside, and desperate side of Jonah. We learn that he is determined to run from the presence and will of God. We see how he foolishly elopes toward a watery grave of self-imposed destruction.

Priscilla entreats us to look at our own reflections and to visit the “inside runner.” She directs us to stop pretending, to stop hiding, to stop sleeping, and to start looking up at our holy God.


1) Is it possible to flee from the presence of God? Explain.

2) Do you always understand what you are being led to do? Discuss.

3) Are we programmed by our past experiences to be present day “runners?”

Splash Points (Take Away):

* It is important to recognize when we are in error and to immediately confess that error to God.

* Our decisions and actions have the power to impact others.

* Who we really are on the inside will eventually catch up with us. You cannot outrun your true nature.

* God consistently and faithfully communicates His message of salvation.

Supplemental Devotional Activities:

Devo JONAH phone tree-week 3, SEE JONAH RUN

LifeWay Resources:

Click on the LifeWay link below in order to see how you can purchase Priscilla’s book. This link also provides information on how you can access a book sample, as well as on how to purchase Priscilla’s downloadable video sessions for this bible study.

JONAH: Navigating a Life Interrupted



One thought on “JONAH: Navigating a Life Interrupted (SEE JONAH RUN)

  1. 1) It is absolutely impossible to flee from the presence of God. God is omnipresent. He is everywhere. There is no place any of us can go where His presence does not dwell.
    2) No, I don’t always understand what I am being led to do. With that in mind, I must say that when I spend more time with God and His Word, I have a clearer ability to “hear” and recognize His voice and directives regarding what He wants me to do. Things get cloudy when I get sidetracked with the cares of life. They seem to muffle His voice, or maybe it’s just me closing my spirit (yikes!).
    3) Yes. Yes. And again, yes! I believe our past experiences have great bearing on how we deal with issues in the present. The things we have been through shape who we are, how we handle struggles, relationships, attention, and on and on. If an interruption in one’s past affects them in such a way that they began to isolate themselves when a crisis occurs or withdraw when challenged, that is often a reflection of “running.” Another way to look at it is as avoiding, not dealing, or turning away from. Aren’t these types of “running?”
    When past interruptions or issues are not faced directly, they have a way of creeping up to hinder our walk in the present. It’s not so much the positive that I’m referring to, but the negative interruptions and issues. The perfect place to “run” is God. Anything else is just plain, old running away.

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