Attitude, Altitude, and Overcoming the World

Life is a hodgepodge of uncertainties. The only constant that exists lies in knowing that you are loved and that you will live for as long as the Lord sees fit. In choosing to live, however, you should understand that you will come to face many challenges as you venture forth on your quest to achieve higher heights. You will face numerous obstacles until you find the help that you need. And you will travel through many valleys before you can appreciate your mountaintops. Therefore, it becomes imperative to glean a better understanding of your true mindset, purpose, and position if you are to succeed. It is through the understanding of the lessons of Attitude, Altitude and Overcoming the World that you can learn how to fly, soaring above all things.

Once you have a determined flight path with the LORD, you can move beyond functioning on auto-pilot. You can take in the sights of the world in a new way. Instead of allowing life to take you over or letting life pass you by, you can now soar high with the Most High. And when turbulence of any kind is encountered, you can coast and glide, resting in the safety of the LORD.

With the LORD as your pilot, you can stabilize your position(attitude) and regain your altitude (living for Kingdom). You must look to the source that is higher than you. You must allow God to take control. Having God as the pilot of your life is the answer to all things, and it is what insures a continuous steady climb toward true ascension. Ascension, in essence, will always lead you to a transformed life and on to the runway of salvation, which is where you will be able to fly away.

Flight Instructions:
1) Live high above the humdrum with Jesus Christ.
2) The higher things of God can be reached through Jesus Christ. Access Him daily.
3) Soaring requires action on your part. (S.O.A.R. – Surrender, Obey, Activate (your faith), Run)
4) Rising above your circumstances requires a change in your “flight” patterns. Allow God to teach you a new way to fly. Give up your fight-flight-fright responses.Fly high with the Most High.
5) Bow down. The only place to go after that is UP.


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