Next Level Living:Living ALIVE! – Level 2

A Blog-based Discussion Series

Next Level Living is a Christ-based approach that serves to teach you how to deal with and face your life. It is about embracing and living on a higher plane of spirituality. It is about self-examination and coming into a Kingdom-minded lifestyle. It is about living for Christ, and it is focused on teaching you how to live in the Spirit.

LEVEL 2 Objective: Determine what contributes to the spiritual growth and development of a Christian.

Level 2 Reading Assignment: 1 Timothy 1-2,4,6:11-21; 2 Timothy 1:5-11, 13-14, 2:1-3, 14-15, 22-25, 3:10, 12-17, 4:2, 5

Level 2 Discussion Questions:
1) What were some of the key points that Paul emphasized to his “true son in the faith?”
2) Did the identified points serve to help with Timothy’s spiritual growth and development?
3) If you were to put in to practice the “growth principles” listed in these books, do you think you would grow?
4) Why is it necessary to pursue spiritual growth opportunities?

Level 2 Reflections:
1) What Biblical principle is being emphasized in the lesson?
2) Is there an Old Testament parallel to the New Testament teaching?
3) Is it possible to change one’s mindset, disposition, and approach to life as a result of the lesson?
4) Is there a “Jesus-Factor” associated with the lesson? If so, what is it? (“Jesus Factor” – a Christ-based lesson extended for the good of others)
5) Can I immediately apply the lesson to my real life situation?

Level 2 Challenge:
Complete an Old Testament review and identify people who shared a teacher-student relationship. Write down some of the primary points that were made by the teacher to the student.


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