Witnessing Miracles

The gift of life is a beautiful blessing that should never be taken for granted.

Very recently, I became aware of a dear friend who is battling for her life against the dreaded disease called cancer. As I am sure you can imagine, it has affected me more than words can say. As God would have it, I am privileged to be able to spend time with her daily and to walk with her during her journey. In watching her and listening to the things that she says, it astonishes me that I get to witness the beauty of her pure, unwavering, unshakeable faith. I am moved to the core of my being.

When I hear her say, “I am a daughter of the King and He will take care of me,” or “I have asked Him for healing and I know He will heal me and make me whiter than snow,” I cannot begin to tell you how I feel. She is so firm. Unmovable. Convicted. Assured. And there I am beside her, believing and praying, trusting God to bring His blessed and determined resolution.

Through this experience, I have been able to witness many miracles. And while I am not at liberty to share all of the miracles in detail, the ones I can share are priceless. I have witnessed a congregation of people surround my friend with such love. I have witnessed an unexpected windfall of charity. I have witnessed abundant faith. I have witnessed immeasurable spiritual prosperity. I have witnessed a room full of strangers freely welcoming and embracing a beloved sister. I have witnessed a family dealing with brokenness healed. I have witnessed the love of God through the hands, hearts, and means of others. I have seen miracles. Miracles.

Having the opportunity to experience a new day with new possibilities and unexpected joys through the eyes of my friend is a privilege. The blessing of life – the miracle of life – has been made all the more real and clear to me as I serve and support my beloved sister in the faith.

Challenge: Look at the friends and family in your life and find the blessed miracles that exist therein, in all respects. Cherish both the individuals and the experiences and thank God for them. Finally, make yourself available to serve as a servant, witness, and friend.

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