Next Level Living:Living ALIVE! – Level 5

A Blog-based Discussion Series

Next Level Living is a Christ-based approach that serves to teach you how to deal with and face your life. It is about embracing life and living on a higher plane of spirituality. It is about self-examination and coming into a Kingdom-minded lifestyle. It is about living for Christ, and it is focused on teaching you how to live in the Spirit.

LEVEL 5 Objective: Identify the 7 essentials needed to promote forward movement in your life.

Level 5 Reading Assignment:Matthew 13:1-54

Level 5 Discussion Questions:
1) What was Jesus observed doing before He taught in parables?
2) In this section of Scripture, what was the first thing Jesus was noted to say?
3) What is the significance of “seeing,” “hearing,” and “understanding” in the listed parables?
4) In what ways are you instructed, guided, and/or directed to move, as it relates to these parables?

Level 5 Reflections:
1) What Biblical principle is being emphasized in the lesson?
2) Is there an Old Testament parallel to the New Testament teaching?
3) Is it possible to change one’s mindset, disposition, and approach to life as a result of the lesson?
4) Is there a “Jesus-Factor” associated with the lesson? If so, what is it? (“Jesus Factor” – a Christ-based lesson extended for the good of others)
5) Can I immediately apply the lesson to my real life situation?

Level 5 Challenge:
Sew into someone else’s life.

A very special thank you goes to those women who elected to follow this study. Whether you chose to participate in silence, through direct calls, or via email, I pray you were blessed. Stay tuned to The Phone Tree Bible Study Blog for more announcements on the release date of the extended-length book version of this study. Coming Soon!

“Radical Transformation takes work.”


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