Following In The Footsteps of Jesus…EMPOWERED BY GOD

Jesus Christ was endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit. He [the Spirit of God] enabled Christ to fulfill His purpose. He led Christ, guiding Him through His temptations, His ministry, His trials, and His intimate encounters with His Father. He also empowered Christ, directing and instructing Him on how to deal with the complicated interactions associated with His friends, His followers and His foes.
Mark 1:9-12
After Christ was baptized, the Spirit of God descended upon Him. Upon Christ being recognized as the Beloved, the Spirit led or rather drove Jesus into the wilderness.

Luke 4:1-21
After Jesus was tempted by the devil with every temptation, He returned to Galilee in the power of the Holy Spirit. His ministry was fully initiated and His teaching began.

Matthew 26:36-46; Mark 14:32-49
What amazing strength, courage, and determination Christ displayed. Transitioning from a state of deep distress and exceeding sorrow and going on toward a state of bold conviction, Jesus was enlivened by God.

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Luke 24:44-49
Not only did Jesus Christ have a relationship with the Almighty God, He also had a relationship with the Holy Spirit of God. The Spirit equipped Him and He encouraged Him. Like Christ, we are also able to refer to the Promise of the Father – the Holy Spirit. Through Him, we can be directed, instructed, convicted, and inspired.
Conduct a review of the scriptures and list every instance where the Holy Spirit is mentioned. Pay close attention to what He did in the Old Testament and what He did in the New Testament. Finally, keep a record of how He influenced the life and the work of Christ. Follow closely in the footsteps of Jesus and walk out the faith you profess.


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