Just Because…Another Gift-Away Opportunity!


Those who know me well understand that I absolutely LOVE to give gifts to people. I love to make them smile and to let them see how very special they are to me. Today is no different.

This morning, I woke up with a strong desire to gift someone with Lysa TerKeurst’s latest book, Made To Crave. I have been blessed through her in so many ways, and I would love to bless someone else…just because.

If you would like a chance to receive a gift copy of Made To Crave, simply comment on this post here. Tell me why you think this book is the book for you at this time in your life.

The winner of today’s Phone Tree Gift-Away will be announced tonight after the Made To Crave Webcast.

You can go to www.madetocrave.org to download the introduction to Lysa’s book and to learn more about her Made To Crave Webcast.


And the winner is…Eva. Your copy of Lysa TerKeurst’s book, Made To Crave, is on the way!!! Congratulations!


5 thoughts on “Just Because…Another Gift-Away Opportunity!

  1. Well, I’m overweight and face cravings all the time – chocolate is my main one. I was in a weight-loss contest 2 years ago and I did lose weight, but have since put it back on. I enjoyed working out, but I haven’t been successful making permanent changes in eating habits. My mom mentioned this study to me recently, and I’d really like to go through it. I know that my issues with eating go beyond just physical. It’s like an addiction, but you can’t go cold turkey off of food. Your body requires food so it’s a tough one to battle out. I don’t know what God has in store for me, but being overweight is not his best for my life and I know that. Perhaps Lysa’s insight will be the key that unlocks things for me.

  2. I don’t know much about this book, but the intro got my attention. I want to crave God more than anything else. I plan on watching the webcast tonight.

  3. This book has been on my mind ever since I heard about it. I read the Introduction and First Chapter at Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago. I so wanted to buy it, but didn’t have any extra cash. I have all the things about Made to Crave saved so I can go over them when I do get to buy the book. I have told my small group that we need to do this next.

  4. I need this book because I can’t do this on my own anymore. I haven’t been able to win my fight on my own terms. God is the missing link.
    Thanks, Kim!

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