Quakes, Aches, and A Mysterious Case of the Yucks

Over the last few days, I’ve experienced my share of quakes, aches, and even a mysterious case of the yucks. I’m sure you’re wondering what I mean. Well, to make a long story short, my family was shaken to the core by an unexpected health crisis in a family member, I had the most intense craving and need for God, and my husband and daughter both became ill.

Sure, I know you’re probably wondering what does that have to do with bible study. Actually, it has a lot to do with bible study. All of my life interrurptions this week have made me realize my need for utter dependence on the Almighty God. Even more than that, my experiences allowed me to better appreciate the lessons I had been reading about in my personal study of the books of Chronicles.

A Case of the Quakes

2 Chronicles 24
Joash, king of Judah, experienced a case of the quakes during his lifetime. Although he did what was right in the eyes of the LORD all the years of Jehoiada the priest, upon the death of the priest, he became unstable, choosing to listen to the officials of Judah instead of God. As a result, both he and the people abandoned God and began worshipping Asherah poles and idols. Joash and the people no longer listened to God.

The choice Joash made ended up shaking and shaping the rest of his life. Because he chose to forsake the LORD and contributed to leading Judah astray, judgment was executed on him. Not only was he severely wounded by the Arameans, but he was also murdered in his bed. His decision to withdraw from, neglect and turn away from God ended in death.

My Lesson: Quakes will come in life, but the severity of the quakes is often dependent on me. If I choose God as LORD of my life, He will not leave me when unexpected tremors threaten to shake up my world, instead He will protect me and bring stability into my life and into the unexpected situations.

A Case of the Aches

1 Chronicles 28-29
David was a man after God’s own heart. He was a warrior and a worshipper, and he ached for the LORD. Prior to his death, David began making preparations for the building of the temple of God. Although he had it in his heart to build a house as a place of rest for the ark of the covenant of the LORD, God indicated that it was not to be so.

David did not get to fulfill his wish of constructing a house of worship for God, but he did get to “get a glimpse of the promised land.” God blessed David with the plans for the temple, the resources for the temple, and a son who would get to oversee the building of the temple.

My Lesson: God alone perfectly satisfies my wants and needs. Only He can show me His perfect plans. I do not have to be consumed by thoughts of why can’t I or I want to. I need to allow Him to consume me, and I need to trust in His provision.

A Mysterious Case of the Yucks

2 Chronicles 14-16
Asa, king of Judah, was a complex man of sorts. He, like others, did what was right in the eyes of the LORD. He removed foreign altars and high places. He smashed sacred stones and cut down Asherah poles. He commanded Judah to seek the LORD and to obey his laws and commands. Because of this and other things, the LORD granted rest to Asa for a time.

Asa’s mysterious case of the yucks happened when he elected to rely on the king of Aram and not God. When confronted by the seer, Hanani, Asa became angry. He was even noted to become brutal toward some of the people. The Bible indicated that in the thirty-ninth year of Asa’s reign, Asa was afflicted with a disease in his feet. However, he did not seek help from the LORD, but only from physicians.

My Lesson: Rely on God, be willing to repent, and never become so angry that I lose my way and refuse to come before the very presence of the LORD God.

Do you have any lessons you’d like to share regarding your personal quakes, aches and yucks?


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