Wednesday Wonders…A NEW NAME, A NEW IDENTITY

Wednesday Wonders
“Wonder-filled messages connecting the heart of a woman to the heart of God”


Your Key of Wonders:

Verse of Wonder: Meditate on the bible verse of the week.

Wonder Reflection: Answer the self-examination question.

Wonders from the Word: Review the listed scriptures.

Weekly Wonder: Make note of the focal message for the week.

Points of Wonder: Consider specific points of enlightenment from the lesson.

Wonder and Awe: Reflect on what the LORD has revealed to you and immediately apply it to your life.



Who are you? Are you the same person you were yesterday or are you a new person today? Is it difficult to see yourself in the way that God sees you? Do you even know who you have become since you accepted Jesus Christ into your life? Does the name Christian define you or intimidate you? Can you walk in Christ with assurance and confidence of who He has determined you to be?

This week, you are challenged to discard the person and the things from your past and to put on your garment of praise, along with your heart, body, and mind armor, which were issued to you when you chose to follow Christ.

Verse of Wonder: John 8:12

Wonder Reflection: Have I finally accepted the truth that I am God’s princess-daughter?

Wonders from the Word: John 8:2-12

Weekly Wonder: “The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.” – Richard R. Grant

Points of Wonder:

* The woman who gives herself over to God is the woman who can walk confidently in her new identity.

* The name Christian is not just a word, it is a lifestyle supporting transformation and change.

* When you have been given a new name and identity by the LORD, no one has the power to take that away from you.

* If you are to live in a new place, you must forgive yourself for the things you did in your past.

* Neither self-pity nor shame are a fruit of the Spirit.

* Do not get caught up in glorifying a sin; get caught up in Jesus Christ.

* God defines and develops those that are His.

* Leave behind you that which the LORD has freed you from.

* If you desire to be purified by the holy Light of God’s love, you cannot be afraid to step out of the darkness and boldly live, move, and breathe, wearing your new name and new identity.


Wonder and Awe:
Like the woman caught in adultery, you have probably gotten so caught up in your own desires and in your station of life that you think you deserve a certain kind of treatment from others. You may beat yourself up due to the past actions and choices you have made. You may struggle and find it hard to move past your shame and guilt. The good news is that Jesus loves you and that He gave His life for you. The great news is that you now wear His name. Just as Jesus Christ rescued the adulterous woman and gave her a lesson of hope and encouragement, He can and will rescue you if you allow Him to do so. Jesus gave her the chance to have a different life, to be a different woman, and to dream a bigger dream. He can do the same for you.

You are encouraged to share thoughts and findings from your Wednesday Wonders bible study each week here on the blog. We would love to hear how the LORD inspires you and draws you closer to His heart.


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