Wednesday Wonders
“Wonder-filled messages connecting the heart of a woman to the heart of God”

Your Key of Wonders:
Verse of Wonder: Meditate on the bible verse of the week.

Wonder Reflection: Answer the self-examination question.

Wonders from the Word: Review the listed scriptures.

Weekly Wonder: Make note of the focal message for the week.

Points of Wonder: Consider specific points of enlightenment from the lesson.

Wonder and Awe: Reflect on what the LORD has revealed to you and immediately apply it to your life.



What is fruitful living all about? Are the things you practice in life in sync with the fruitful and abundant life spoken about in the Bible? How do you determine if you are fruitful or fruitless? Have you sought the guidance of the LORD to help you better understand fruitful living and the abundant life?

This week, you are challenged to unearth scriptural truths regarding fruitfulness and abundant living in the New Testament church and to compare and contrast your life as it relates to those truths.

Verse of Wonder: Acts 2:42

Wonder Reflection: Is my life fruitful and am I living an abundant life in Christ?

Wonders from the Word: Acts 2:40-47

Weekly Wonder: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”– Annie Dillard

Points of Wonder:

* Fruitful living comes from having a direct connection with the Vine.

* God is ready, willing and able to bless you abundantly at all times so that you can go forward and do His work.

* God cultivates and prunes you so that you can be fruitful.

* As a follower of Christ, your life should be about laboring for the LORD.

* Fruitful acts of service dictate a oneness of mind with Christ.

* If you desire to be fruitful and to have an abundant life, you should gladly receive the Word, continue in sound doctrine and in fellowship with the saints, understand the importance of prayer, have all things in common with other believers, care for the needs of others, continue in one accord with singleness of heart, and praise God and have favor with all people.

Wonder and Awe:
Like the New Testament church spoken of in the book of Acts, you must understand and practice the principles that unified them and influenced their growth. You can have the abundant life if you strive to continue growing. You can experience fruitful living as you learn to survive under the care of the Vinedresser. And you can be of benefit in the Lord when you give your life away for the good of God and others.

You are encouraged to share thoughts and findings from your Wednesday Wonders bible study each week here on the blog. We would love to hear how the LORD inspires you and draws you closer to His heart.


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