SSMT: Verse 5 is Up!

Hello Siesta Sisters!

A new month is upon us and with it comes another memory verse. At this point, you should have 5 scripture memory verses in your spiral notebook.

Have you noticed how helpful it is to have your verses at the ready as you face each new day? They are easy, relevant and applicable, no matter what you have to face.

This month, I would like to encourage you to use your verses as your personal strength during your times of crisis. Whether you are facing a simple crisis, like trying to decide what to prepare for dinner or a more complex crisis, like trying to determine what the next step is for your life, use the Word and the specific scriptural verses that the Holy Spirit has directed you to to counter the crisis. In fact, let COUNTER THE CRISIS be your mantra. Trust me, when each one of us truly begins believing that God can counter our crises, we will not only be empowered, but we will also be renewed in mind.

Verse 5 is up! Gear up to allow God, His Word, and His empowering Spirit to counter your crises.


2 thoughts on “SSMT: Verse 5 is Up!

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