CAN WE TALK?…What’s in Your Travel Bag?

Welcome fellow travelers!

I am so excited to have travel companions along with me on this 150 Mile journey. The more the merrier!

To be sure, you are in for the time of your life!!! 😉

Before you proceed any further with your walk through the psalms, I wanted to ask you what’s in your travel bag. What tools, resources and goodies will you be taking on your journey? Uh…you did think about what you would be taking, right? If you did, great. If you didn’t, it’s alright. Never fear. That’s what travel buddies are for.

For this particular trip, you will need the essentials. You know…THE essentials. What essentials? Let me just mention a few things.

Well, of course, you will need to make sure you pack the power of prayer. Prayer is necessary before any journey. In fact, with each step you take through the psalms, you will benefit greatly by inviting God into every aspect of your adventure travels.

You will also need a pure heart, an open mind, and a willing spirit. A pure heart will insure that you are on a course directed toward God. An open mind will allow you to be more receptive to the wonders that God wants to reveal to you through His word. And the willing spirit assures that you will be inclined to the transforming power of God.

If I may, I would love to suggest one more item for your travel kit. I’m sure you can squeeze it into your bag. 🙂

On this trip, I encourage you to take along a very special tool. The tool is called the “5 P’s” of Bible Study . It is really an incredible bible study method.

The 5P’s are detailed in a book by Priscilla Shirer called Can We Talk? Soul-stirring Conversations with God.

I have utilized this particular tool or rather bible study method a number of times, and I can tell you that it revolutionized my personal bible study time. If you commit to using the 5P’s, it will enrich your bible study in ways you can’t even imagine.

The “5P’s” are definitely in my travel bag for this trip, and I hope you will put them in yours. 😉

The “5 P’s” of Bible Study at a Glance:

Position yourself.
Pore over and paraphrase the material.
Pull out the points.
Pose your questions.
Plan obedience and pin a date.

I’m sure you’re wondering how to use this tool and these methods in the most effective way. Again I say, that’s what travel buddies are for. Let me show you how the tool works.

In order for you to see how the 5P’s work, I will provide a breakdown of my Psalm 1 adventure.

Position self.
Before I got started, I went to the LORD in prayer. I asked Him to take the lead on this study. I told Him that I was open to whatever He had for me, and I wanted my spirit to connect with His Spirit in such a way that I could focus on understanding His truth as it relates to worship, praise and faith.

Pore over and paraphrase.
I read Psalm 1. I chose to use the NASB translation on this go around. I read the psalm a total of 4 times (you don’t have to do that; you should read according to what works for you). My first reading was to familiarize myself with the content. The second reading was to underline and make note of the things that stood out. My third reading was to see how the content related to worship, praise and faith. My fourth and final reading was to identify the action words that stood out to me. I then wrote down a summary based on the psalm.

Pull out.
I pulled out the spiritual principles that stood out to me from the psalm. This was more or less an expansion of what I uncovered through my poring over and paraphrasing.

At this point, I asked myself questions based on my identified spiritual principles. (This was/is the best part of the 5P’s to me because it’s all about self-examination. At this stage, you cannot hide from yourself.)

Plan and pin.
This is where I looked back on my “journal entry” and made a plan as to how I would incorporate what I had uncovered. I elected to focus on looking at this stage as my “Life Lessons.” Life Lessons are the things I will strive to practice. (I feel I must mention that this is an extremely important and personal part of the method. Make sure that you don’t take on what someone else decides for their life. You must do what is purposed for your life based on your travels. Spiritual freedom versus legalistic practices – one leads to liberation and one leads to death of the spirit.)

Click on the link below to see a more detailed breakdown of my Psalm 1 adventure.
150 Miles to Go…and Counting, Mile Marker 1.5 (Psalm 1)

Much Love and Happy Travels,

Find out more about Priscilla Shirer and her wonderful resources at Going


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