What If…

“Follow your heart and your dreams will come true.” Unknown

What if you were asked to give up everything you knew to be true?

What if you were asked to separate yourself from the “very best” life had to offer?

What if you were asked to believe in something that was new and unfamiliar?

What if you were asked to deliver a message and you didn’t know what to say?

What if you were asked to let go of the dream you thought was yours?

What if…

Sounds like a novel, right? Well, maybe it is. Maybe it’s the novel of your life. And maybe you should be asking yourself these very questions.

As strange as the questions may sound, they are relevant and they are spiritually rooted.

Sit down.


Take a moment.

Now, delve into the questions.

Who immediately comes to mind? Abraham? Joseph? Moses? Peter? Paul? Or maybe, Ruth? Mary? The woman at the well?

Each one of these people were asked to consider something beyond the known. Each person was put into a position where they had to make a choice.

Would they follow the path they were meant to travel or the path of their own choosing?

Would they live in a state of sameness or would they walk out on a new faith?

From Abraham to the woman at the well to Jesus, countless “what if” scenarios presented themselves in their lives.

What if I do?

What if I don’t?

What if…

One wrong choice, one ill-fated move could have changed the course of history as we know it.

But more than any wrong choice or any wrong move, the real question is this – what if these people never chose God’s dream for their lives.

Dreams are wonderful to have. They drive us to follow our passions. They inspire us to pursue novel things. They push us to want more.

But what if the dream you have for your life is not the dream God has for your life.

What if God asked YOU to give up your dream for His dream?

Would you?

Could you?

Will you?

Won’t you?

I can honestly say that I have finally gotten to a point in my life where I realize the gift of freedom that comes in letting go of “my dreams.” I realize that I can let go of my dreams and be okay. Why? Because I truly understand that God has something far greater and more perfect planned for me. I understand that grabbing hold of God’s dream is more important than any dream I have ever had or will ever have.

Was it hard to get to this place? Yes. Did I question myself about it? Yes. Did I doubt God? Umm…yes. I confess that I did. But you know what, He has shown me that everything I ever wanted ends with Him…and it begins with Him.

My new dream is that His story be told – fully, completely, and with all the love I have in my heart. I want nothing more than for Him to be glorified. I want Him to get the fame in everything I do and in everything I say.

My new story – the novel of my life – is written on a dream that was placed on my heart before time began. It is in my present reality that I have finally grasped the impossibly possible dream through Christ.

“Dreams are driven by a heart of love.” Unknown

Question: Are you willing to give up your dreams for God’s dream for your life?

Challenge: Follow your heart for God and dream the most beautiful dream of all.


3 thoughts on “What If…

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  2. I can relate to this. My life is nowhere near where I dreamed for it to be. Through circumstances beyond my control, my dreams for life were wrenched from me, but God is giving me new ones. And I must say I am excited about where His dreams for me will lead. He hasn’t given me the whole picture, but walking with Him along the way is well worth the journey.

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