(From the Video Workshop Series on Pushing Past Your Past)

“The truth is, we often waste time engulfed in the past while precious moments are waiting to occur.”
– T. Suzanne Eller

Letting go is hard. Living in the present moment is oftentimes even harder. Still, in order to live free, as T. Suzanne Eller encourages us to do in her book, The Mom I Want to Be – Rising Above Your Past to Give Your Kids a Great Future , we must learn to let go of the past. We must learn to see in the present tense, relinquish our hold on what happened to us, face ourselves, and begin to see ourselves as a people in the process of transformation. We must each begin to view ourselves as a “portrait of God’s grace.”

Resource: The Mom I Want to Be – Rising Above Your Past to Give Your Kids a Great Future by T. Suzanne Eller

To order this resource, go to: Proverbs 31 Ministries

Discussion Group: Facebook Live Free Group Page

T. Suzanne Eller’s Website: T. Suzanne Eller.com

Straight from My Heart:
Why is it that when we try to move on with our lives and to push past the past labels, defeated feelings, personal struggles, or a host of other things, we allow others or even the ghosts of the past themselves to stop us in our tracks? Just as much as we allow others to trap us in the past, we often victimize ourselves by trapping ourselves in our past circumstances. Learning to let go is a significant part of healing. It is a vital part in the acceptance of self, and it is a very necessary stage in spiritual, emotional, mental and even social maturity. Let go and live in the new identity found only in Christ Jesus.


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