150 Miles To Go…and Counting (Mile Markers 1-7)

(A Walk Through the Psalms)

Kim’s Personal Journal Entry: Mile Marker 7


My quest for a deeper understanding of praise, worship, faith, and God is well underway, and it’s been everything I had hoped for and then some.

I have been delighted. Amazed. Joy-filled. Hopeful. Sobered. And enlightened. Still, I have more ground to cover.

The thing that stuns me the most about the psalms is how God’s message of love and salvation rings – reverberates really – throughout each of the psalms. I don’t know if I ever took the time to notice that.

When I previously read Psalms 1-7, I can tell you that I was impacted by the beauty of the words and the thoughts expressed through the psalmists, but I didn’t directly look for the praise-worship-faith-God connection as it related to me. I know…that’s kind of weird to say…and yet it’s true. I think I may have been looking on the surface level or the sub-surface level or maybe even from a bystander’s point of view. But this time, I am in each psalm. As crazy as that sounds, it is my reality as it stands in this moment.

In walking these few miles of my 150 Mile journey, I confess that I may have sped my way through them before. This time, however, I am very much appreciating the trip. I am slowing down to 1 mile per hour and cruising into the arms of my Savior.

In the first week alone, I have learned more about myself and my approach to study, prayer, meditation, and life application than I probably ever knew. It hasn’t been all bad, but there are definitely some areas I need to “slow down” in.

Isn’t it rather curious how God lines things up and makes things clear? All I know is that I needed this, and I am thankful, to be sure.

In approaching the book of the Psalms, I have slowed down enough to say that I have made a conscious decision to put myself in each of the psalms I come across. I will live each one, and I will live it ALIVE!

Let’s keep walking.

Kim’s Life Lesson:
Moments in life must be savored. It is not always best to rush. Instead of living at light speed, I must learn to enjoy the now moments…NOW. If I do that, then I can fully embrace the messages and lessons that God has prepared just for me.

Click on the link below to see an abbreviated breakdown of my Week 1 adventures through the psalms.
150 Miles to Go…and Counting, Mile Markers 1-7


2 thoughts on “150 Miles To Go…and Counting (Mile Markers 1-7)

  1. Kim, thanks for sharing this. Your method of study is new to me, but I really like it. It seems like a simple way to approach study of a particular book or passage. I’m going to print it out along with your examples using the first 7 Psalms.

    It looks like you’re doing a Psalm a day. What are your plans for Psalm 119? Will you just spend a longer time one day with it’s 176 verses or do you plan to break it up into smaller chunks?

    • I learned this method from Priscilla Shirer. Prior to the Jonah study, I was able to hear her speak. One of the things she taught our group was the 5P method. Don’t you love it! For a person like me, who likes details and questions and more details and answers and self-examination, it was the next best thing to sweetbread. Anyway, I refer to this method often. For this journey, I felt led to use it.

      Regarding Psalm 119, as well as all the other psalms, I am approaching it all with a Spirit-led mindset. The only course I have planned to take is a direct one forward. No overthinking. No being too hard on myself if I don’t get to a particular psalm on a particular day. No expectations regarding self.

      What I can say is that I am soooooo looking forward to Psalm 119. That is my power psalm. I love it! I don’t know what God has in store, but it will be BIG. HUGE! How can it not be?!?! I can hardly contain my excitement at the mere thought.

      If you decide to travel a Psalm pilgrimage, I’d love to hear your insights and take away from your adventures…whether here or on your blog. I’m thrilled to have you share in this wondrous trip with me.

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