What type of Christian are YOU?

Yesterday, as I was sitting in my room recovering from a family trip, my gaze was drawn to a canvas bag that I had left sitting at the foot of my bed.

There was nothing particularly special about the bag, however the words Paper or Plastic? were written on the side of the bag facing me. Below those words, the response Neither loomed.

Paper or Plastic?

A simple question, and yet complex in that it was layered with innuendo.

That question – Paper or Plastic? – got me thinking about Christians and Christianity on the whole. I wondered, are we Paper, Plastic or Neither.

To be sure, Paper or Plastic would be a wretched state. Neither would be the desired preference.

The questions I began considering were:

What is a PAPER Christian?

What is a PLASTIC Christian?

A PAPER Christian:

– She knows the Bible by book, chapter, and verse and yet, she has no heart connection to the Word.

– She demonstrates knowledge, but she lacks compassion and love.

– She can spout truth like it’s a weapon, however, she does not slay the negative parts of herself.

A PLASTIC Christian:

– She wears a mask in front of the world, depicting the persona of a “perfect” Christian, but in private, she is an insecure, unstable woman who lacks definition.

– She has no true identity because she is afraid to look at herself or change herself in any way.

– She knows and does all the “right” things and yet she knows nothing at all because she is empty.

Can either be recycled? Is there any hope for the PAPER or the PLASTIC Christian? YES! And again I say YES!

Hope exists for the PAPER and the PLASTIC Christian by way of Jesus Christ.

Jesus can reprocess, salvage, recover, recondition, and reuse anyone.

In fact, He can renew the heart and mind of the PAPER, the PLASTIC, or any other Christian, for that matter.

Jesus Christ can treat, transform, and save a life so radically and completely that it not only becomes useful for His glory, but it also becomes purposed anew.

Challenge: Allow the LORD to take the used up waste that is present in your life and heart and convert it so that it becomes fresh, new energy that is useful for His Kingdom purposes.

Question To Go: Does your life need to be recycled by Jesus Christ?


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