Open Doors, Closed Doors and the Matter of Perspective

“But at night an angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and brought them out…”Acts 5:19

A passageway, a portal, a place of entry or exit – a door is a unique structure that affords the individual a gateway from one place to another.

Acts 5:19 is a rich verse that holds a wealth of treasure for the believer.

As I bowed before the presence of God earlier this week and engaged in personal bible study, I came across a gold nugget of truth. It made me pause and reflect on some of my personal prisons. I thought about each one of those prisons in detail and about the prison doors I was confined behind.

Were the doors locked, closed, or inaccessible because of my own fears and insecurities, or were they, in fact, really unlocked, opened, and accessible because of the presence of the LORD?

The answer, I realized, laid somewhere in the context of perspective.

Review the list below to see what may contribute to a “closed-door” in your life.

The Closed Door:

– A lack of faith

– Self-doubt/Insecurity

– Fear of the unknown

– Spiritual weakness

– Unforgiveness

– Bitterness

– Pride

– Lack of vision

– Unwillingness to change (stubborn rigidity toward the transformation process)

– Stale worship

– Irreverence

Review the list below to see what will contribute to an “open door” in your life.

The Open Door:

– Bold faith

– Confident assurance

– Hope and trust in the Known God

– Fortifiable Holy Spirit power

– A compassionate heart willing to forgive others their trespasses

– Pleasure and delight in the Most High God

– Sincere humility

– An open mind and spirit

– A kinetic life committed to Living ALIVE in Jesus Christ (active life dedicated to glorifying God in all things)

– Fresh worship with ongoing praise and thanksgiving

– Face down-based awe

In our lives, we will come upon many closed doors and many open doors. Each door will represent a point of indecision or a point of opportunity. It will represent a moment of unsurety or a moment of decision. It will be a place of passage or a place of passing.

Make a choice which door and which perspective you will choose to take. And remember, whether you face a moment of darkness or a moment in the light, a self-imposed prison or a vast place of freedom, God will always present you with an open door, a way out, and/or a blessed opportunity.

Question: What lessons immediately come to mind when you personalize Acts 5:19?


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