150 Miles To Go…and Counting (Mile Markers 18-21)

(A Walk Through the Psalms)

Kim’s Personal Journal Entry: Mile Marker 21


Signs of God’s presence exist all around. Even in the places of seeming plains and deserts, there is evidence of the Holy One.

In walking these last few miles, I have been bombarded with emotions and feelings…for God, about myself, regarding others… I have dealt with an array of thoughts.

I have had to face myself and my heart directly. I have had to confront myself in such a way that truths about my worship, my praise and my faith needed to be examined. In facing myself, I realized some things about who I am in God and who I am in my own eyes. I had to face hard truths about my thought processes. Not so pretty truths. And yet, even with that said, I am mindful of the deep messages of love that God sends to me through the Holy Spirit.

These last few psalms moved me to want to believe God in a way that I never have before.

As strange as that may sound…foreign even…I can’t help but confess it. And it is a confession. That I could believe and yet lack an unconditional, unwavering, faith-fortified belief in who God has empowered me to be.

It is only in the eyes, words and love of the LORD that I can clearly understand who and what I am and who and what He is.

On this day, I make an active decision to choose life. Abundant life. I choose to open my eyes in the Spirit in order to see God’s presence. I choose to open my ears in the Spirit in order to hear God’s messages, lessons, instructions and directives for my life journey. I choose to open my heart in the Spirit in order to embrace, accept, and most of all, believe God’s defined and declared promises to me and to all who pursue Him in Christ Jesus.

The psalms are my story.

I am a pilgrim.

I praise you LORD. My God. My Salvation. Father.

That you love me as you do, I…

Let’s keep walking.

Kim’s Life Lesson:
A pilgrim in search of truth. Understanding God and believing Him at His word. Knowing the LORD intimately through His truths and promises. Trusting Him with the story of my life. Making the long journey home and being transformed in the process. These have all been stops during my 150 mile trip to the promised land. Thankfully, I don’t have to travel alone at any point. I just have to recognize my need of the Savior and the Deliverer, call on Him, celebrate Him, and witness Him with a Spirit-fired and filled heart.

Click on the link below to see an abbreviated breakdown of my Week 4 adventures through the psalms.
150 Miles to Go…and Counting, Mile Markers 18-21


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