Wednesday Wonders…MAKING A SPLASH

(A Phone Tree Bible Study ACTivity Series)

Wednesday Wonders
“Wonder-filled messages connecting the heart of a woman to the heart of God”


There is nothing more satisfying than diving into a cool, refreshing body of water. The Phone Tree’s SPLASH, GULP, and DRINK UP! Bible Study ACTivity Series is sure to provide you with sweet relief in an amazing way.

The SPLASH you make with this series will be determined by the amount of force and precise attention you apply to the feat.


Your Key of Wonders:

Verses of Wonder: Meditate on the specified bible verses.

Wonder ACTivity: Demonstrate a love-inspired work by completing a wondrous call to ACTion.

Wonder Reflections: Answer the self-examination questions.



Over the next two weeks, you are challenged to dive into the Word of God by looking at the life of Abraham.

Verses of Wonder: Genesis 18:1-8

Wonder ACTivity: Prepare a physical meal and a spiritual “meal” and serve it to someone in need.

Wonder Reflections:
1) In what way did you have to mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually prepare yourself to make a splash into the ACTivities?
2) How did you decide on the recipient of your ACTs?
3) What did you learn about yourself through the processess of preparation, selection and execution?
4) What lesson could be learned about humility based on the listed text?
5) How did the chosen recipient respond to your ACTs of love?
6) What did the text teach you about service toward others?
7) In your own words, what was your personal takeaway?

Refresh yourself in the Living Water!


You are encouraged to share thoughts and findings from your Wednesday Wonders bible study ACTivity here on the blog. Share how the LORD inspired you and drew you closer to His heart.


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