Umm…What Did YOU Say?

(A Message based on Jennifer Rothschild’s book, Self Talk, Soul Talk – What to Say When You Talk to Yourself)

Words. They can beautiful. They can be deadly. They can influence growth, promote change, and facilitate transformation. They can also wound, poison and destroy.

Typically, when a woman stops to consider the concept of words, she thinks about them as it relates to her relationship with others. But if she were to pause and think about how she uses her own words with herself, she might find a disparity between what she says to others and what she says to herself.

You can’t do it.

It will never work.

You’re fat.

You aren’t as good as her.

Why can’t you be more like your sister?

Why do you even bother?

He doesn’t love you.

You’re not good enough.

Do it. You know you want to.

One bite won’t kill you.

Just do it this once.

You’re stupid.

Get over yourself. You didn’t do it. It was luck.

There isn’t anything special about you.

Uh…does any of that sound familiar? Yes. I thought it would.

What you just read is a snippet of what might go on inside the mind of a woman. It is her inner dialogue, of sorts. Of course, in real time, you would get a sprinkling of good stuff. Positive messages. A replay of the sermon she might have heard or a bible lesson that resonated with her on a particular Sunday morning or Wednesday night. But on the whole, negative thoughts, doubts, insecurities, and a multitude of chaotic, uninspiring mess is happening in her mind. Add to that the regular day-to-day drama with work, children, and household responsibilities, plus extracurricular pursuits and you get a whopping soap opera just waiting to happen.

That might be one of the reasons a woman has the type of inner dialogue she has.

In Part I of Jennifer Rothschild’s book, Self Talk, Soul Talk, she introduces us to a sobering reality. She shares hard messages with us about how we look at ourselves. The words we say. The songs we sing. The thoughts we think. What she also does is walk us to the closets of our minds. She teaches us to open the doors and to peer into our roots and fruits. More than that, Jennifer challenges us to begin speaking truth – truth to ourselves and truth to our issues.

Quotes from Jennifer:

– “I wish I could count how many times I’ve stood and sung those words [it is well with my soul] after speaking before thousands, only to sit right back down and feel a complete lack of wellness with my soul.”
– “You should hear some of the unkind things I’ve said to myself.”
– “Your soul talk will affect who you are.”
– “We should refuse to let untruths and destructive words and thoughts occupy prime space in our minds’ closets.”
– “Words matter. We cannot risk speaking untruths to ourselves because of the strong likelihood that we will believe them.”
– “Even the hard truths we speak to ourselves should not be condemning. They should build us up.”
– “…replace the lie with the truth, and…relabel the old with the new. And that’s soul talk.”
– ” Soul talk is faith’s companion, not its replacement. Soul talk cannot be a replacement for prayer…”
– “…it’s essential that we center our soul talk on the truth of Scripture and on our faith in Christ.”

3 Questions 4U:
1) What 3 things do you say to yourself to build yourself up?
2) What wrong-thinking thought repeats itself over and over again in your head?
3) Does your self talk, soul talk match up with the Word of God? Why or why not?


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