The Things I Say to Myself

(A Message based on Jennifer Rothschild’s book, Self Talk, Soul Talk – What to Say When You Talk to Yourself)

So…you talk to yourself. Don’t think it strange if you do so. Many people do. In fact, many engage in one-sided internal monologues, while others participate in a back and forth inner dialogue. There is nothing necessarily wrong with you if you do either one or both, for that matter. Intrapersonal communication is normal. But the most important factor to look at as you consider intrapersonal communication is the type of things you say to yourself when you talk to yourself.

Last week, we were able to engage in a revealing conversation about Self Talk, Soul Talk. We established that many of us talk to ourselves. In fact, we learned that we say both positive and negative things. We also learned that it’s essential that we center our soul talk on the truth of Scripture and on our faith in Christ. (Umm…What Did YOU Say?)

This week, Jennifer Rothschild, author of Self Talk, Soul Talk, makes key points about seven things we should say to our souls.

1) Tune In: Awake, My Soul
2) Look Up: Hope in God, My Soul
3) Calm Down: I Have Stilled and Quieted My Soul
4) Look Back: Forget Not His Benefits, O My Soul
5) Chill Out: Be at Rest, O My Soul
6) Press On: March On, O My Soul
7) Lift Up: Praise the Lord, O My Soul

Quotes from Jennifer:

– “When we wipe away the dirt from our lives by confession to God each day, we become useful, pleasant, and effective vessels.”
– “Questioning your soul allows you to honestly assess your emotions so you can calibrate them with truth…”
– “Our trust in God is inextricably linked to our peace from God. Peace comes when we loosen our grip and let down our guard before our heavenly Father.”
– “Tell your soul to look back only to what is profitable. Profitable memories are those that add to your soul wellness rather than subtract from it.”
– “Speaking rest to my soul should be part of my daily conversation.”
– “All feelings are real, but they aren’t all based on reality, and they certainly aren’t all productive!”
– “Recognize that who you are and what you struggle with are not the same thing.”
– “When we tell our souls to get the spotlight off our own preoccupations and onto the needs of others, we reopen the potential for joy in our lives…”
-“When we lift up others, we grow smaller. And ultimately, as we lift up God, we find unlimited satisfaction in our own lowliness.”

3 Questions 4U:
1) What do you tell yourself when you want to focus your attention on the good within yourself (versus the “bad”)?
2) Is your “thought closet” filled with memories that haunt you and/or control you?
3) “What promises from God do you need to remind your soul of to help you not lose hope?”


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