150 Miles To Go…and Counting: Still Walking

(A Walk Through the Psalms)

Kim’s Personal Journal Entry:


Weeks have gone by since I first began my adventure through the book of the Psalms and still I am walking. Who knew that my journey would lead me to where I am now.

Indeed, the place I started, with regard to the person I thought myself to be, is far different from the person I have discovered with each step forward. I have learned so much about myself and even more about my God.

I have encountered strange and unique places. Places of pits and pinnacles, ebbs and flows and valleys and mountaintops. I have uncovered hidden idols, unconfessed sins, and haunting fears. Still, I have experienced the presence of God so profoundly that all I could do was cry out and fall to my knees, then to my face.

I never knew what the LORD would ask me to do when I began my walk, but I willingly put one foot in front of the other to go where He chose to take me.

Funny, where Daddy has taken me has been beyond my unvoiced expectations and further still. Nevertheless, I know it is for my good and for His glory.

My journey has allowed me to cross paths with beautiful souls, fellow sojourners. Pilgrims. Nomads. Pursuers of Truth. People hungry for a Word. Desperate for God. Just like me.

I walk on and still I am walking. Committed. Faithful. Dependent on my Father’s strength.

Though I have stepped back in order to step forward, my eyes are still on the Lamp which guides my feet and the Light that guides my path.

My Prayer:
I thank YOU, my LORD,for seeing me. El Roi, that is who YOU are. My I AM. How I love YOU so. Words are not enough to praise YOU. I will continue to look for YOU, Daddy. I will look to YOU and I will look with YOU. I trust YOU to lead me home. Teach me to be satisfied with YOU. Fill me until I am overflowing and then fill me some more. I need the Life-sustaining Love that only YOU can give. Take my steps for me while I praise and exalt YOU. Let me no longer distance myself from YOU in the weird ways that I do, but let me draw ever closer until there is no space, no gaps, no boundaries. YOU speak so clearly, revealing YOUR determined and divine purpose, and I am now beginning to see and hear. Glory to YOUR name! I am YOURS. I am still walking…running…chasing…reaching. In the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Although I am currently on summer sabbatical, I was moved to share a message from my personal journal with those who are traveling alongside me. I pray that you, my friends, might be encouraged – inspired – to keep walking.

May God bless you on your travels and show you His divine goodness and glory.

Love in the Most High,


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