Wednesday Wonders, Series 2: SPLASH, GULP, and Drink UP!/Walking on Water

(A Phone Tree Bible Study ACTivity Series)

Wednesday Wonders
“Wonder-filled messages connecting the heart of a woman to the heart of God”


There is nothing more satisfying than diving into a cool, refreshing body of water. The Phone Tree’s SPLASH, GULP, and DRINK UP! Bible Study ACTivity Series is sure to provide you with sweet relief in an amazing way.

The SPLASH you’ve made, the GULP you’ve taken and the DRINK you’ve consumed has led you to a place where your faith can be realized and you can begin walking on water.


Your Key of Wonders:

Verses of Wonder: Meditate on the specified bible verses.

Wonder ACTivity: Demonstrate a love-inspired work by completing a wondrous call to ACTion.

Wonder Reflections: Answer the self-examination questions.


Weeks 7-8: Walking on Water

Over the final two weeks of this series, you are challenged to “walk on water.”

Verses of Wonder: Matthew 14:22-36

Wonder ACTivity: Walk on water by sharing the message of Christ with one person. Help someone to SPLASH, GULP and DRINK UP! of the Living Water. Show them that they can cry out to the LORD and begin walking on water in faith.

Wonder Reflections:
1) Is it difficult for you to trust in the LORD’s provision?
2) Do you trust the LORD to navigate the calm waters and the raging seas of your life?
3) Do you make it a habit to cry out in fear?
4) What does it mean to you to “take courage?”
5) What God-specific directive (based on the Word of God) have you been given in your spirit at this time?
6) Do you often find yourself “going away” from Jesus instead of “coming to” Jesus? Why?
7) Are circumstances in your life overwhelming you so much that you cannot effectively hear the voice of Jesus?

BONUS Question: Are you now ready to cry out to Jesus and ask Him to save you/help you/command you?


Refresh yourself in the Living Water!


You are encouraged to share thoughts and findings from your Wednesday Wonders bible study ACTivity here on the blog. Share how the LORD inspired you and drew you closer to His heart.


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