A Thin Places Tribute: California, Cornfields, and a Classroom

Many of you who may be familiar with my Courageous Women series were introduced to an incredible writer by the name of Mary DeMuth. Mary wrote a powerful and moving spiritual memoir about her life called Thin Places: A Memoir. In it, she traveled down the path of her past, revisiting the thin places in her life. Mary revealed intensely personal details about her peculiar childhood, her unusual upbringing, and her extraordinary journey toward healing.

Mary’s message in Thin Places resonated with me so deeply that I felt compelled to share information with you about her book, as well as about my own personal Thin Places story. I share my story freely in hopes that it may lead many of you to your own place of grace and healing. It is my offering to God, a tribute to a kind and courageous soul (thank you, Mary) and a gift and blessing to those of you who have walked down a similar path.

My Thin Places Story

I would love to bless someone with a copy of Mary’s life-changing book, Thin Places.

 If you would like to be considered for a chance to win a copy of Mary DeMuth’s Thin Places, simply leave your name and your Thin Places Prayer Request or story in the comment section of this post by 11:59 PM on July 4, 2011. A winner will be randomly selected and named on July 8, 2011.

For more information on Mary Demuth, go to http://www.marydemuth.com/.

To review Mary’s Thin Places archives, go to http://www.marydemuth.com/category/thin-place-story/.

To learn more about Thin Places: A Memoir, go to http://www.amazon.com/Thin-Places-Memoir-Mary-DeMuth/dp/031028418X.

To read about Mary’s Thin Places, in her own words, go to http://www.marydemuth.com/books/thin-places-a-memoir/.

“Thin places are snatches of holy ground, tucked into the corners of our world, where we might just catch a glimpse of eternity. They are aha moments, the beautiful realizations.”Mary DeMuth


28 thoughts on “A Thin Places Tribute: California, Cornfields, and a Classroom

    • Jagette,
      Thin Places is a book that would benefit many. We all have Thin Places in our lives. To be able to learn to recognize the lessons of God’s grace in those places…well, we should all strive to do so. Mary’s book will help anyone who reads it to begin to “see” more clearly.

      Love you, sis.


  1. A Thin Place prayer: for me as I strive to honor a husband who is mentally ill and at times abusive (God knows the details). Loneliness is hard when in a marriage like this even though I have three kids and a good support system and wonderful affirmation of Church leadership. My value and worth get so undermined and I struggle to stand in the grace and extravagent love of God in the midst of my pain and seek to grow and honor HIM in all of this as I live out my faith and fight bitterness and unforgiveness over and over. Family is also abusive and not supportive. Oh to walk more freely in the confidence of who God has made me to be! silygoos at gmail dot com.

    • Lily,
      Your prayer has been presented to our Father. I know that He hears. Please know that He will rescue you because He delights in you (Psalm 18:19b, NASB).

      May I say that your demonstration of love (even in the hard moments where lonliness, pain, abuses, and struggles abide) is inspiring.

      In the love of Christ,

  2. After meeeting you – and learning about your plight as a child, like myself, i am quite interested in reading “Thin Places”. Also I am wowed by your writing style…………………….

    • Thank you. I pray that God would grant you an opportunity to read Thin Places. It is sure to bless your life.

      May you find eternal peace and healing in the loving arms of Jesus.


  3. “Back side of the desert” spots: A hardwood floor with puddles of tears, sore knees from being fallen upon with such frequent anguish, a kitchen chair turned prayer alter, treachery and abandonment by those who should be safe, another phone call from a teacher, an unanswered phone call to a child, passive aggression, personal sin….”But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.” (Rom. 8:37)

    Even in the midst of the parched, scorching, pain-filled “desert”, like Paul and Moses, it’s been there I’ve seen God’s vision for my life best, and heard His voice clearest. When I’m made to journey there, these are my “snatches of holy ground” where I’m stripped of my spiritual sandals, unable to take another step before meeting with God. I find the “beautiful realization” of His sovereign transcendence, the “aha” glimpses of eternal reality that sustain, strengthen, and guide as I drink deeply of His satiating spring of hope. Look to Him and be encouraged…you are not alone!

    Nancy Graves .

  4. It’s not a part of my life I like to revisit, but with a past of sexual abuse, I am so grateful that the empty place in my soul is filled by Jesus.

    • Yes, Debbie. Amen. God fills all of the empty places in our souls through Jesus.

      There is a verse that comes to mind…Psalm 65:11 (NLT). I pray it ministers to you in some way.

      Love you, sis.


  5. I would love to read this book! I have a few very thin places that me & God are working out…
    Suicide Loss, Abortion Loss, Rape, Foreclosure & financial troubles, remarriage… you get the picture. I think I’m going to recognize ME in that book.


    • Mary,
      Without a doubt, you are a walking example of God’s grace and love. To have endured so much, I can only say, glory to God.

      Love you in Christ, sis.


  6. I also was a victim of abuse at the hands of a step-father. I was in a thin place for many years and did shoved it down as deep as I could until one day on I heard a sermon about surrender. That day I spent hours writing down everything that I needed to lay at the foot of the cross, put all of it in a metal trash barrel and lit a match to it when I finally finished.
    Freedom…Jesus took it with Him to the Cross and I never have to pick any of it up again…Amazing Grace …my chains are broken.

    • Cindie,
      Thank God for freedom! I celebrate with you. It is truly a blessing to be able to lay down and surrender your personal strongholds to our wonderful Redeemer.

      Love you with the love of Christ, sis.


  7. I’ve been in a Thin Place for 5 years, suffering from a debilitating case of Chronic Lyme Disease. Every week, every month, every year the pain increases and my body weakens. I would love prayer as I battle this disease day by day! (And I would love to win a copy of this book. I’ve been wanting to read Mary’s story for a while.)

    • Thank you for sharing your prayer request, Kate. I have called your name before our Father and will continue to do so.

      I am so sorry for the pain and discomfort you are dealing with. I am very familiar with your condition, and I know the cost it can take on one’s life. My heart is for you. I pray that God grants you a double portion of grace and that He will divinely bless you with a soothing balm for your dis-ease.

      Love you, sis.


  8. God has blessed me with many thin places. Each one, though, has meant a time I stood in the darkness and a door was opened to allow me a glimpse of God’s light. But one time it came as I stood at my kitchen sink, washing dishes and singing praises to the Lord. I was alone in the house and didn’t have a care in the world. My voice was far from perfect, or even good, but my heart sang out. After a few moments, in mid-dish, a heaviness came over me and I was compelled to fall to my knees in worship. The Holy Spirit had overwhelmed me like He never had before. The Lord knew all I had been through and He reassured me of His love and His presence in my life.

    • Sometimes it is in those unusually unique moments that God speaks to our hearts the loudest, Dorci. As God lives in our praise, assuredly, He was there dwelling with you. You praised Him and He responded. Beautiful!

      Praise God for all that He has brought you through and from.

      Love you, sis.


  9. Just learning who I am in Christ after being saved for 9 years….still need prayers for healing from issues with abuse in my lifetime…..God is good, and still learning how to recieve His provision and love.

    • Tam,
      You are the apple of God’s eye. Enjoy this wondrous adventure that is your pursuit of God. Rest under the shadow of Daddy’s wings (Psalm 17:8).

      I understand your words, “still need prayers for healing from issues with abuse in my lifetime,” and “still learning how to recieve His provision and love.” Your prayers will continue to be lifted up. I stand with you in the love of Christ.

      Love you, sis.


  10. I would LOVE to read this book.
    I’ve been dealing with long term health issues. After 14 years I’ve gotten out of a long leg cast and managed to stay infection free. But I need major orthopedic surgery to walk again unassisted. Please pray that God will lead me to the right surgeon.
    Thank you, and God bless!

    • Glory to God for what He is doing in your life, Melinda. Your challenge tells a story of perseverance. I love that you continue to trust in God’s care and provision, even as you have had to deal with an extended illness.

      God sees you, He hears the prayers of your heart, and He will answer you in His perfect way.

      Love you, sis, with the love of Christ.


  11. Tangelia, wow! God is so good. I’m so thankful He opened up college for you.

    Kim, thanks so much for featuring Thin Places and your beautiful story here. Wow.

  12. Living in a home where there is no birth-mother, but a step-mother who wants to help you but knows that if she does she will be in a lot of trouble by the man of the house, no love, no support, and a beating around every corner is just a tip of the iceberg. I remember dreaming of being the daughter of Michael Jackson and living this glamorous life. But that glamorous life never came! I kept telling myself, I will get out of here somehow and the only way I could find was through education!!! Everyone kept saying that I would never make it to college, but my sister told me to pray about it and I did and the doors just began to open one after the other! I found myself at Alabama State University and was amazed that I had actually made it! I fought every trial that arose at that place and made it through college and graduated. My father, the one who had beaten me year after year, was there and I looked into his eyes without saying a word and just thought, “I finally made it!”
    Please pray for all of those children out there who battle the same situation daily!

    A Servant of God!

    • I am so thankful that God granted you a doorway of grace to step through. Your courage and strength are a testament to God’s love. Thank you so much for the example of your life. The glamour God gave YOU (The attractive or exciting quality that makes you both appealing or special.) is quite enchanting.

      Also, thank you for your prayer request. It spoke and speaks volumes about the beauty of your heart.

      Love you, sis.


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