150 Miles To Go…and Counting (Mile Marker 119)

(A Walk Through the Psalms)

Kim’s Personal Journal Entry: Mile Marker 119 (A Special DETOUR for a Friend)


As we travel throughout this life, we are often placed in the direct paths of special people. From another vantage point, one might say that these special people are placed in our paths.

Never is it an accident when we cross each others peculiar pathways, rather it is a divine appointment of God when this happens.

The divine God-scheduled appointments have nothing to do with us really; it is more about God and what He wants to accomplish through the chance encounters. Ultimately, the encounters are for His glory. But the more I travel down the road of the psalms, the more I can see the blessed-kissed encounters as opportunities to partake of God’s grace.

Over the days and weeks of my summer respite, God has scheduled many unexpected encounters for me.

I have fellowshipped and broken bread with a woman who “divorced” a potential lifemate.

I have encouraged and been encouraged by a woman who seemingly traveled on the glory road so far ahead of me that I was gobsmacked when I realized she was right beside me the whole time I was walking.

I have met and spent time in the Word of God with a woman who was given a notable thorn in the flesh, as well as with a woman who struggled with the shame of her past.

With each encounter, God made Himself known…and He did it in a BIG way.

During one of my encounters, a request was made to engage in a bible study on Psalm 119. When the request was made, I believed it was a unique indication from God.

Not only was the journey down the path of Psalm 119 for my beloved friend’s benefit, but it was also for me, who, perhaps, needed the timely spiritual lesson more so than she did.

Let’s keep walking.

Kim’s Life Lesson:
Can anyone predict the future? Can anyone guess what will occur in the next moment or who, for that matter, will be critical to our spiritual growth in the next minute? Although no one can guess what will happen or who will be instrumental, God knows. And it is in the knowing that He resides. In fact, He resides there, waiting for each one of us to arrive and bow down before Him. Of this I am sure, when we get to the place where He resides, we will get to partake of His glory and to delight in His grace in a tremendous way.

Click on the link below to see a breakdown of my special DETOUR adventure through Psalm 119:1-8.

150 Miles to Go…and Counting, Mile Marker 119 (v 1-8) A Special DETOUR for a Friend


2 thoughts on “150 Miles To Go…and Counting (Mile Marker 119)

  1. Nursediva991, God is to be praised. He is good, great and, as you said, “expansive and massive.” Amen!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love how you said, “God has opened me up and I am loving it (exclamation point, exclamation point).” 🙂 That is a powerful testimony. It shouts loudly about God and His ability to transform the mind, heart and life of the one who is in pursuit of Him and His Truth. How exciting to come to the point where you can say that.

    I extend a prayer of blessing to you as you continue on the pathway of life. May you experience all God has for you with an openness of spirit.

    Blessings and Grace,

  2. I totally agree that nothing is happenstance…even to me finding this site. I used to be very “closed” person only dealing with those I could physically see. Usually only those I worship with on Sunday’s. Well God has opened me up and I am loving it!! He is expansive and massive and so are we!! As you stated, nothing is by happenstance. All are part of His plan. So I will join you on this special detour. I’m looking forward to it. Have a fantabulous day!

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