Scripture Memorization via a Very Special Lesson from My Son

Yesterday morning as I was getting my 2-year old son dressed for Sunday service, I recall hearing myself say to him, “Don’t move against me. If you don’t struggle, it will make things easier.” Little did I know that my son would provide God with the perfect opportunity to engage in a teachable moment.

As soon as I had voiced the very specific words (meant just for my son) aloud, I knew God was trying to get my attention. Immediately, I realized that He was communicating a special message for my heart and life.

In an instant, I began reflecting on some of the moments in my life when I had struggled with God, moving against Him as He tried to cover me with His grace and dress me completely in His perfect garments of love. I thought about those times when I had turned away from Him, going this way or that way. Moments when I had failed to don my God-blessed outfit of praise because I was too preoccupied with wearing my ratty, tattered, carnal “best.”

The sobering reality of how ungrateful I had been during those countless times was like a gut punch. All I could do, after saying those words to my son, was stop, say thanks, and offer God a chorus of my best blessings and highest praise.

With the aforementioned in mind, I decided to select Isaiah 61:3  as the official Phone Tree Scripture Memorization verse for the month of August. (Note: Isaiah 61:1 was previously referenced. These two verses will be combined on this go around.)

Encouraging Words for Your Heart: When God draws near to you and desires to dress/clothe/cover you with His grace, love, and praise, don’t move away or struggle against Him. Remember, if you don’t struggle, it will make things easier.

What encouraging words can YOU share from your heart?

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