Didn’t You Just Learn That Lesson?

Boy oh boy! Life can be tough.

One moment you can be walking around singing joyful tunes, praising God and going forward with a mission-minded enthusiasm, and in the very next moment, you can be dwelling in a pit, feeling utterly hopeless with no sense of knowing whether or not you’re coming or going.

At times like this, you begin to question your strength, your faith and everything else in between.

Whew! Every time this happens, you inhale deeply. You try to find some sense of calm while attempting to ingeniously maneuver your way up and out of your pit.

Using your own steam, you sweat, strain, bleed, and claw your way to even greater frustration. You flail and fling your arms this way and that way, searching for some kind of life line. Anything.

All you want is something or someone to save you. Anyone who wants to help, you will gladly take what they offer. Good or bad. You just want what you want – RELIEF.

God can you hear me?

Finally, you realize that you can’t do anything under your own steam and you know that no one else can help you. No one, that is, except God. God, the Almighty. The One who is able. He who has always been the Deliverer can deliver you.  He, the Divine means of your salvation, can save you.

How did you forget that? Didn’t you just learn that lesson? Haven’t you been learning that lesson every day of your life in Christ?

In Psalm 40, the psalmist shares wonderful words of wisdom and insight about the God who is able to sustain His servant. He speaks candidly about what the LORD does and can do for the one who has need. He lovingly warns about foolishly turning toward the proud or to those who lapse into falsehood. But more than anything, he reiterates a lesson that you should learn and never forget…it is God in whom you should put your trust in; He alone saves.

The LORD God is the One you should joyfully praise. He is the One you should go forward serving, for His glory’s sake. He is the One who lifts you out of your pit of destruction, gives you hope, and leads you onto firm ground. He gives you Light for your path and strength for your journey. He sustains. He delivers. He is the sweet RELIEF you have been looking for.

Didn’t you just learn that lesson?


4 thoughts on “Didn’t You Just Learn That Lesson?

  1. Well written! This is a great reminder to us to cling to what we’ve learned. I just read Proverbs 4 this morning reminding me that I need wisdom and understanding. I should pursue them.

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