Bow To Your Partner

(A Message based on Angela Thomas’ book, When Wallflowers Dance: Becoming a Woman of Righteous Confidence)

Anyone who has ever taken a dance class knows that dancing with a partner is a wondrously intimate act that tells the story of two becoming one. The dance shared by partners demonstrates a unique passion, an immeasurable intensity and a heartfelt devotion. For most, it involves a unifying commitment of the heart and a love for the dance. For others, it is about a chaotic mix of selfish desire and tumultuous disharmony.

In her book, When Wallflowers Dance:Becoming a Woman of Righteous Confidence, Angela Thomas goes step-by-step in instructing women on how to dance the dance of their lives with the perfect partner. She takes women from the most basic moves, as it relates to their definition of self, and teaches them how to perform more complex manuevers of the heart.

Quotes from Angela:

– “The woman who retreats into the spirit of wallflower eventually becomes an un-woman.”

– “As I came to know these deeper truths of His desire and passion for me, the most beautiful picture I could paint of His love was the very emotional picture of a wallflower being asked to dance.”

– “The difference between just living and dancing is spiritual maturity.”

– ” Becoming a dancer requires lessons. Step-by-step. One foot in front of the other. A woman learning to feel and trust the rhythm of God’s music for her life.”

A Question 4U:

Would you like to learn how to dance the dance of your life in the arms of the Father?

Learn more about Angela Thomas and her other books and bible study resources by clicking on her name in The Phone Tree Blogroll.


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