The Heart of a Woman…Week 2

Welcome back to week 2 of our study on The Heart of a Woman: Understanding and Having the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted with Father God. Are you Chasing God yet?

This week as you make strides to go forward, you will likely find a rhythm that is suitable to your particular needs. For one person that may mean having a nice, steady pace. For another, it may mean stopping, resting, and starting again. And still for another, it may mean engaging in a full-out run.

Everyone of us appreciates the communicated lessons of the Spirit differently, and as such, we should be able to respond accordingly based on how we are impacted. Whichever way you elect to pursue the heavenly Father, savor the experience for all that it is.

As you approach the pre-lesson, the lesson handout and the audio message for the week, remember to inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Concentrate on your breathing pattern. The entire experience will be an exercise in grace.


Lesson 2 of 4 from The Phone Tree Bible Study Series: The Heart of a Woman: Understanding and Having the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted with Father God

Reflections from Your Heart:

Are you worshipping the One true God or the god of your own making (“God in a box” – the god-for-the-go who is made to order)?


The Rhythm of Your Heart: Intimacy Revealed

Handout 2 is not available at this time. Contact the facilitator for more information.


A Prayer for Your Heart:
(Please read the prayer out loud. Personalize it.)

Father God, You are the LORD of my heart. I will bless You at all times. Every chance I get, I will praise You. My life is Yours. I will gladly speak Your name and tell of Your glory. It is my desire to magnify You, and so I shall. It is my desire to exalt You, and so I will. I thank You for responding to me when I seek You. I praise You for delivering me when I am fearful and cry out. ThankYou for redeeming me. There is no one like You. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

(based on Psalm 34:1-4, 22)


Heart to Heart:

– Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, or questions on this post.

– If you would like someone to pray with you, please let me know by contacting me at


Note: Your third pre-lesson will be emailed to you this week. Just as before, you are encouraged to complete the pre-lesson before the next lesson is posted. Additionally, the audio component associated with this lesson will go out as indicated.


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3 thoughts on “The Heart of a Woman…Week 2

  1. (Comment associated with Week 2 Handout)

    – It’s considered to be one of the most important names of God
    – It’s represented by the Hebrew letters “YOD-HEI-VAV-HEI (YHVH), which is referred to as the unutterable name
    – In English language, it is generally spelled, YHWH: to be; to exist, the end, to be finished; “I AM that I AM

    There is so much more to this name. As I researched and even went back and reviewed my old research notes, it made me appreciate the concept and action of reverence. To revere my holy, beloved Father…truly, there are no words. It is humbling. Deeply humbling.

  2. I have just finished listening about 5 times to the song God Speaking. It was absolutely beautiful and ministered to my spirit. I actually began to dance before the Lord. I am a member of our dance ministry @ my church. How I see this song ministering to the hearts of God’s people!

    From lesson 1 the bible character I choose is a woman without a name but was simply called Jephtah’s daughter. This woman loved her father and he was an ambitious man who made a vow that caused the death of his daughter and then blamed her. Instead of pleading for her life she accepted her faith but on her own terms. She chose to be surrounded by those she could trust!

    She took control back from her abuser to heal herself!

    • “God Speaking” speaks so clearly of the touch of God’s love. What a beautiful reminder it affords. And yes, I agree with you; it is a song that can minister to the hearts of God’s people.

      How interesting that you chose Jephtha(h) from the book of Judges. The story of Jephtha’s daughter is pregnant with saids and unsaids. It contains love, heartbreak, despair, and controversy. There is so much to that story that it warrants its own in-depth bible study.

      May you continue to grow in grace and in knowledge, and may you continue to pursue our Father’s heart.


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