The Day I Gave My Heart to GOD

The day I gave my heart to God, I believe I heard the angels sing. As I came up out of that watery grave, tears of gladness merged with the water that was a symbol to make me clean. My teacher and my friends were standing nearby, silently celebrating a soul that would not die. From that moment forward, a fire burned within. I was invincible, inspired, and driven to tell others that they too could be freed from their sins.

K. Norris (1/9/91)  


The words above were carved into my heart long ago. They say so much, and they reveal everything.  

As I sat reflecting on my life today, I remembered those words – the day I gave my heart to God. The words came to mean something more than what they once had. They seemed to expand and take on a deeper meaning. To grow and breathe. To develop into a living pursuit. They came to be my present reality and my greatest desire.

The day I gave my heart to God was yesterday. It is today. And it will be tomorrow.

You see, I realized that the day I gave my heart to God may very well have originated on my spiritual birthday, but it is my everyday objective. My aim. My passion. My need. My goal. My purpose. 

And so, as I sit here and write these words, I am moved that the Spirit would teach me such a fresh word from something so familiar. What a beautiful lesson. I am humbled that God thought me ready to learn more.


Today I give my heart to God. I declare I can hear His angels singing. This day, I choose to come up out of my symbolic grave, with tears of gladness and joyful praise . My Teacher and my family are with me nearby, silently celebrating and glorifying the Most High. To live is Christ. He is my gain. From this moment forward, only His fire will burn within. I am invincible in Christ. I am inspired by Christ. I am driven because of Christ to tell others that they too can be freed from their sins.

K. Teamer (8/24/11)


One thought on “The Day I Gave My Heart to GOD

  1. Beautiful.

    I take my spiritual birthday more seriously than I do my actual birthday 🙂

    But I agree; that while inviting Him in is certainly worthy of anniversaries; we have to be purposeful of inviting Him in every single day for the rest of our earthly lives.

    Love you!

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