Discerning the Voice of God (Responding to God)

A Phone Tree Bible Study

The Phone Tree Bible Study: Discerning the Voice of God: How To Recognize When God Speaks by Priscilla Shirer

The Phone Tree Bible Study Period: Starts  – Sunday, October 2, 2011; Ends – Sunday, October 30, 2011

Objective of Study: Learn how to recognize when God speaks.

Week 4 Phone Tree Focus: The Purpose of God’s Voice (Session 4/Week 6)

Reading Assignment: John 14:21

Additional Scripture Reading: John 2:5; Genesis 22:16-18; Mark 8:34-35; Psalm 95:7-8; Jeremiah 7:23; Isaiah 50:4, 5, 7

A Few Points from Priscilla:

– “How you choose to respond to God is more important than hearing from Him. He doesn’t just speak to be heard, He speaks to be obeyed.”

– “Obedience is…the only appropriate response when He [God] speaks.”

– “We must learn to make obedience a habit regardless of our feelings.”

– “We will usually refuse to follow God’s direction when we think what we have to give up is greater than what we will gain.”

– “A life of obedience calls us to prepare for the adjustments God requires.”

– “When you give yourself wholly to Him [God], you can be sure He will give you His strength to accomplish the mission of obedience.”

Responding (The Lesson Synopsis):

In this section of the book, Priscilla discusses the means and the methods which God uses to communicate with His children. She decidedly informs readers that there is a plain and simple truth when communicating with God, and that we should be aware of every aspect of that communication. She points out that whatever God says to do, we should do it. She states that the only appropriate response is the obedient response, to which there are rewards and benefits. Priscilla goes on to inform readers that there is a consequence, however, to disobedience. In summary, James 1:7-8 is referenced and directed toward the wavering and unfaithful man.


1) What has God communicated to me over the course of this study?

2) If my desire is to clearly discern God’s voice, why do I have such a difficult time letting go of those things which contribute to disobedience?

3) Do I try to make a “plan B” to God’s perfect  “plan A” for my life?

Hearing and Doing (Take Away):

– Obedience to God is essential to hearing from God.

– The Spirit of God enables me to be obedient, but I must yield to Him.

– God has a way of making Himself known and heard.

– Surrendering my heart and life to God in totality guarantees much.

LifeWay Resources:
Click on the LifeWay link below in order to see how you can purchase Priscilla’s book. This link also provides information on how you can access a book sample, as well as on how to purchase Priscilla’s downloadable video sessions for this bible study.

Discerning the Voice of God


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