A Woman of Resolution…Resolved To Forgive

(A Message based on Priscilla Shirer’s book, The Resolution for Women)

“I will forgive those who have wronged me and reconcile with those I have wronged.”

Priscilla Shirer, The Resolution for Women

Could you forgive the person who betrayed you the most?

Over the course of our lives, many of us have been wronged, violated, and crushed by the actions of others. We have been acted upon in such a way that was totally devastating. As a result, we may have withdrawn, in a sense, and closed ourselves off from the world. This is often done as a means of protection and self-preservation. But could it be that in removing ourselves from that which has hurt us or from that person who has betrayed us, we are shrouding our lives with the dark garment of unforgiveness.

When one is harmed emotionally, physically, or mentally, it is natural to seek that which removes them from harm’s way. Oftentimes, however, issues might go unresolved and matters may remain unsettled, thereby giving way and root to the practice of unforgiveness. Soon, it may become a way of life for the person who views herself as a victim.

Is it possible that in practicing unforgiveness, the victim can become the victimizer?

In practicing unforgiveness and wearing the unholy garb of unforgivenss, the person who was victimized could easily be led down a track where she becomes victimizer, holding everyone a guilty distance away from her heart. She may blame an innocent party for the actions of another who negatively impacted her life in the past. She might even give way to a seed of bitterness that can take root in the lives of those around her, contributing to a poisonous and unfruitful vine. Ultimately, however, it begs to wonder whether or not she is betraying herself as it relates to her life in Christ.

The woman of resolution who has been wronged or who has admittedly wronged others understands, only through Christ and with the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, that the practice of unforgiveness is detrimental to her  life and the lives of others who have been positioned around her. She recognizes that, she must forgive in order to be forgiven, and she knows that this can only be accomplished through the supernatural power of God.

The woman who is resolved is the woman who gets to a point of understanding and discernment, where she can see, with her spiritual eyes, that Satan tries to counterfeit forgiveness with things such as excuses, rationales, and justifications. She is the woman who forgives herself for the times when she proudly wore garments of  darkness. She is the woman who has surrendered to God and undergone a spiritual makeover of the heart and mind. She now models God’s holy garment of forgiveness…even before that or those which have betrayed her.

In the place of forgiveness, the woman who is resolved lives forgiven and practices the art of forgiveness. She shares the blooms of God’s love freely, knowing that it is only in Him that she can do so.

To learn more about The Resolution for Women or about Priscilla Shirer, see The Phone Tree post, The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer or go to Going Beyond.


3 thoughts on “A Woman of Resolution…Resolved To Forgive

  1. Glory to God!

    What a beautiful confession. It takes much in the way of stength and courage to get to the place where you can recognize that which is not of Christ – “I felt a coldness in my heart that I did not like.”

    May God grant you the desire of your heart – the “resolve to FORGIVE,” and may He fortify and empower you to function beyond your limits and totally in His infinite love.

    Love, Hugs, and Grace

  2. Wow! “The victim can become the victimizer bywearing the garment if unforgiveness byholding everyone a guilty distance away from my heart!” Just the other day I said enough rehasing what has happened and I felt a coldness in my heart that I did not like! So today I resolve to FORGIVE!!!! Thank you for this!

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