Twelve Ordinary Men…PETER


By John Mac Arthur


Peter – The Apostle with the Foot-Shaped Mouth


Focal Scripture: Luke 22:31-32


The Common:

–          Peter is considered a leader and spokesman for the apostles.

–          Peter is often characterized as eager, impulsive, aggressive, bold, and outspoken.

–          The Lord gave him another name.

–          Peter was a fisherman by trade and an heir to his father’s fishing business.

–          Simon Peter had a wife.

–          No disciple ever rebukes the Lord except Peter.

–          No disciple ever verbally denied Christ as forcefully or as publicly as Peter did.

–          Peter was a dominant figure in the early church and a great preacher.

–          Peter answered a question posed by Christ.

–          Peter displayed boldness and courage when he stood up in Jerusalem on Pentecost to preach the first Gospel sermon in the face of those who executed their own Messiah.

Scripture References: Luke 6:14; 1 Corinthians 1:12, 3:22, 15:5; Galatians 2:9; Luke 4:38; Matthew 16:22: Matthew 16:13-16


The Uncommon:

–          The first name listed in four listings of the twelve apostles is Peter.

–          Peter was with Jesus at major events in His ministry.

–          Peter took his wife on his apostolic mission.

–          Peter’s name is mentioned in the Gospels more than any other name except Jesus.

–          No one speaks as often as Peter, and no one is spoken to by the Lord as often as Peter.

–          No disciple is so frequently rebuked by the Lord as Peter.

–          Peter asks more questions than all the apostles combined.

Scripture References: Matthew 10:2-4; Mark 3:16-19; Luke 6:13-16; Acts 1:13; Matthew 17:1; Mark 5:37, 13:3, 14:33; 1 Corinthians 9:5; Matthew 15:15; Luke 12:41; Matthew 18:21; Matthew 19:27; Mark 11:21; John 21:20-22


Growth Points:

–          Sicarii: a faction of Zealots known as “dagger-men” because of the small, curved blades they carried; usually staged acts of execution at public functions

–          Petros: Greek word for “a piece of rock, a stone”

–          Cephas: the Aramaic equivalent of Petros or Peter

–          Protos– Greek term meaning first (refer to Matthew 10:2); it speaks of the chief, the leader of the group

–          A typical Roman cohort consisted of 600 soldiers.

–          Are you living as who God has called you to be or are you living as who you once were?

–          Do you function more in the spirit or in the flesh?

–          Do you actively seek out answers to the questions you have regarding the Bible?

–           Are you more mindful and caring of the things of men or of the things of God?

–          Is your life being molded and shaped by the example of Christ?

–          What impact are you having on the world as a disciple of Christ?


Life Application Points from The Phone Tree:

–          I recognize that in choosing to follow Christ, I have willingly elected to submit to His leadership.

–          I recognize that Jesus Christ must always be the integral part of my ministry efforts.

–          I recognize that the Lord has given me a new name and a new identity in Christ.

–          I recognize that I must be willing to stand up and go against the “crowd” for the sake of righteousness.

–          I recognize that I can take courage and live with bold confidence in Jesus.

–          I recognize that I have to daily surrender my will to the Lord and submit my mind and heart to His truth.

–          I recognize that my message must be about God’s message.

–          I recognize that I am a royal daughter and merely a sojourner on earth.


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