A Woman of Resolution…Resolved To Live with Integrity

(A Message based on Priscilla Shirer’s book, The Resolution for Women)

“I will not tolerate evil influences even in the most justifiable form, in myself or my home, but will embrace and encourage a life of purity.”

Priscilla Shirer, The Resolution for Women

Living with integrity, in a world that oftentimes seems to lack it, can be a challenge. In truth, it can seem like a seemingly impossible task. If it were not for God, His Word, and His Spirit, many of us would not and could not make it.

On a daily basis, Christians and non-Christians alike are bombarded with images. From commercials and billboards to movies and magazines to rhythmical radio tunes and colorful internet advertisements, we are inundated with loose principles, idolatry, and unholy living. We are persuasively encouraged to relax our morals and to massage our beliefs so that we can join the in crowd and be a part of the now or the know. But it is in the face of a relaxed and massaged stance that the Christian and the non-Christian begin to be eased and lulled into a slow and sometimes painful death of the soul.

The woman who is resolved to live her life with integrity stands firm in her convictions. She champions God and resiliently runs a race with a course set on that which is not only morally correct, but that is also spiritually correct. She does not compromise who she is for the sake of fitting in. She opposes that which is not for God or His glory.

The woman of God who lives with integrity allows God to be a refuge and fortress in her life and in the lives of her loved ones. She trusts God to be her Stronghold both at home and at work, and in any place the LORD calls her to dwell. She is the woman who knows that, though she may at times be called to stand alone in the physical, she will never be alone in the spiritual. She “actively and intentionally makes a daily choice to reject the crowd, repel the culture and respond to the calling of God.”*

In the place of integrity, the woman who is resolved lives in the world but is not of the world. She is the woman who appreciates her deliverance and who valiantly strives to walk in the freedom she has been granted in Christ. She is the woman who moves, speaks, walks, talks, and teaches others, as well as herself, by way of the Spirit, what holiness means. She is a woman who elects to be undefiled.

To learn more about The Resolution for Women or about Priscilla Shirer, see The Phone Tree post, The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer or go to Going Beyond.

* The quote above is from K.E. Teamer.


One thought on “A Woman of Resolution…Resolved To Live with Integrity

  1. Praise God! There certainly is a lot of outside things pulling at our attention! Each day more and more I realized just how important it is to mediate on Him day and night. It brings our focus back to what is most important! All the other things are just unhealthy distractions!

    I resolved to be a woman of INTEGRITY AND PRINCIPAL!

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