The Blessing of Waiting in Your Present Season

“Don’t be afraid, you who are treasured [by God]. Peace to you; be very strong!”

Daniel 10:19a (HCSB)

During the months of October and November, God blessed me to be able to be a student of His Word, focusing on the book of Daniel. The study was impacting in such a way that it caused me to want to understand God’s calling for my life in this season in a way I never had before.

In so many words and ways, the LORD showed me the whys, whats and hows of being positioned for His purpose and placed for His glory. He revealed supernatural lessons on moving beyond the impossibilities of life by His sovereign power and onward toward the blessed-kissed possibilities of His I Am-ness. He tutored me on the importance of His divine in-breaking, and He showed me what a life in His Spirit was all about.

As I was instructed in God’s very special lessons from the book of Daniel, my life seemed to mirror that of the prophet’s in that I was besieged, taken captive into my personal “Babylon,” and challenged to accept a counterfeit existence under the guise of good. While in captivity, I was hauled before the presence of persecutors, shackled by the bonds of oppressors, and tossed into pits meant for my demise.

Like Daniel, however, I must confess that I was faced with the truth of my faith in a new and profound way. I was called to take a stand and make a bold declaration for God. I was positioned in not-so-comfortable spots where I had to intentionally choose to be an undefiled and holy vessel for the Most High. I was purposely placed before friends and foes alike to show who God is in my life. I was divinely set to direct attention to the LORD.

Alas, while I was in “Babylon,” as well as on the outskirts of my post-Babylonian life, I could not fully see the blessing God intended for me. I could not see why I was chosen to endure suffering or why I was elected to serve in such a hard place, but now I see. In waiting on God to perfectly reveal His glory and in fully allowing God to use me for the purpose of His glory, I can see the blessedness of the coming season and in the waiting for that new season.

In Daniel’s final message, or rather God’s final message to me by way of Daniel, I was granted a gift of understanding. I was graced with a beautiful lesson of love on the blessing of waiting.

In the final verses of chapter 12, I sought a personal Word from God. His answer was my truth — Wait. Reach forward. Be blessed. You will rest, then rise to your destiny (at the appointed time).

God’s direct message – His perfect blessing and answer to my Babylonian suffering – in my now season was the same message He had given Daniel. It was an eternal message that produced and continually produces deliverance, justice, and glory.

As we each go forward in life and are faced with seasons of growth and seasons of grace, let us appreciate the blessing of waiting on God in our present moments and allow Him to use not only us, but also our circumstances, that He might be glorified. Let us appreciate the gift of being chosen to suffer and endure, for in due time, we will come forth as mature and complete vessels ready to be used for His kingdom purposes.

Q4U: Are you presently facing a particularly challenging season and need God’s divine revelation to understand the blessing of waiting?

A Prayer 4U: LORD God, our Almighty Redeemer, You are, and that is the simple truth. Praise You. Thank You for the gift of Yah and for the blessing of waiting. You reside in each season, controlling every variable; we trust You to deliver us. We know of Your heart toward us and Your love for us. We come seeking the understanding that You so freely offer. We surrender beyond surrendering, that we might partake of all You’ve prepared for us. Help us to reach forward, glorifying Your name and resting in Your heavenly purpose. Amen.


5 thoughts on “The Blessing of Waiting in Your Present Season

  1. i believe its a matter of time and now of days since i have been waiting for so long and i am fully convinced that its time up,thru many waters and fire i have endured enough,thank u for yo inspiring message

  2. OH MY!!! I am so full of reading this post. I have been in the midst of a challenging season for about 3 months now and have been waiting. Knowing He would rescue me…but when? Many days my heart has been heavy and I had become weary. But thanks be unto God who giveth us the victory! I “surrender beyond surrendering that I may partake of all He has prepared for me!” Thank you, dear Sister.

    Perpetual blessings to you!

    • Praise God for His presence, timing and meaningful revelations!
      Please know that joy and peace are yours, even in this challenging season of your life. God sees you and knows of your specific trials. His grace surrounds you. His purpose will be realized, and His praise will pour forth from you so much so that all will be able to see the glory of the LORD. Your struggle will produce much fruit. Be encouraged.
      Praying Without Ceasing,

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