The12 Days of Praise Campaign

“Let everything that has breath praise Yah! Praise Yah!”

Psalm 150:6


For the next twelve days (December 10-21), The Phone Tree Bible Study Group will be dedicated to executing a campaign of praise.

What is a campaign of praise?

A campaign of praise is a crusade meant to call attention to the LORD God Almighty. It is a movement acknowledging the Most High God as Sovereign Lord and King and as great Savior and Redeemer.

What can I do to support this campaign?

    If you would like to support the 12 Days of Praise Campaign, simply post a praise Scripture, share a message of testimony and praise about God and His goodness toward you or your loved ones, list a song or message of inspiration and praise that others might be encouraged, and/or personalize this message and send it to family and friends so that they might see the greatness of God and then tell us about the lesson either you or they learned.

Each time you post a comment, your name will be entered into a drawing for Greg Paul’s book, Close Enough To Hear God Breathe.

Come back and connect with this Phone Tree post each day during the 12 Days of Praise Campaign and you will find a message of praise meant to enliven your spirit. The message will be short and sweet. Savor it, then go forward praising Yah.


Happy Holy-days!


50 thoughts on “The12 Days of Praise Campaign

  1. Wow!! I have so enjoyed this experience! How I have enjoyed reading and reflecting on each of you that walked this praise campaign! I have been blessed. Thank you.

    To Kim, God bless you my dearest Sister for hearing the call to gather those of like minds. My life has been changed.

    So today Lord, I thank you for this time set aside for praise with others who have counted it not robbery to spend a little extra reflecting on you. Today I give you this praise.

    Oh Lord Your my everything!
    Praise waiteth for You my King.
    Oh God who answereth every pray!
    Oh Lord Your my everything!!!

  2. On this our final day of the Praise Campaign, I want to thank all the bloggers for your messages of Praise and thanksgiving. I thank God for allowing us to use this type of forum to express our praise to him, This has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to my Christian Walk. I will continue to glorify and praise God for as long as I have the breath of life.

    It is my desire that God will continue to bless each of you as you continue to do the work of the Lord.

    We will always be united in prayer,

  3. Fellow praise bloggers,
    This is the last day of this campaign. It has been very inspiring. I have enjoyed all of the posts and look forward to praising our Father together someday in heaven. We must do His blessed will in order to live with Him eternally. Keep praying that His will be revealed through His holy word and that we rightly divide His truth(2Tim. 2:15). The challenge then is to obey. Keep praying, praising, studying, and living for Our Father!


    Dear Father,

    I am in awe of your ability to know all, be more powerful than all, and be everywhere “all” at the same time. Thank you for allowing me to experience some of your abilities. I have spoken to you early this morning. I have listened to you also. Point taken. You are my alpha and omega, my all in all. All glory is due you! You are THE holy one!
    Forever yours

  4. As my final 12 Days of Praise submission, I wanted to take a moment to express what this campaign has done for me and what it has meant to me.

    In many ways, this campaign started as an extension of what I try to practice in my daily life. What it became, however, was a ministry of encouragement and a source of celebration as we all joined together to exalt our Father.

    I read each entry over and over again. Daily, I looked forward to referring to what each participant had to say. (I never grow tired of seeing the expressed blessings and grace-kisses of God in the lives of others.) I loved how each one of us presented a beautiful picture of God – of who He is and what He’s done. That’s what this was all about…YAH.

    The perfect end (and yet not the end, rather a continuous flow of new beginnings) to this campaign came by way of a stranger I met. As this stranger and I sat waiting on our cars to be repaired, we began having a conversation. We spoke about the goodness of God, the perfect Lamb that was slain, the importance of serving as a vessel for God’s use, and about praise and worship.

    During the course of our conversation, he mentioned two songs by William McDowell, I Give Myself Away (one of my favorites) and I Won’t Go Back. As I reflected on the lyrics of the songs, the sun came out and smiled on me. I took that personally. 🙂 (God knows what I mean.) I could do nothing but praise the LORD.

    As our conversation went on, I shared the 12 Days of Praise information with the stranger. He appreciated the campaign and broke out in praise himself. Look at God! Even as we praise, God is continuously manifesting His glory in unique and monumental ways. I love it!!!

    What I understood in that moment was that in God being praised, we are being raised. 🙂 What I mean is that in humbly offering our gifts of praise to God, He not only lifts us up, but He elevates Himself before others. Can you stand it?!?! Again I say, look at God! He knew He would use this campaign to communicate a more divine campaign – to win the hearts of all. What?!?!

    Hallelujah. Praise Yah!

    * May I encourage each of us to go forward, intentionally concentrating on praising God. Just because this campaign is ending (and yet not…) doesn’t mean we can’t keep it flowing. Remember “…bless the LORD at all times.” Allow His praise to continually flow from your mouth. You never know who will be blessed in the process.

    I love you all with the love of Christ.

    Praising Yah,

  5. In this season of giving and receiving, I want to just take a few minutes to thank you God for my husband, children and grandson and for all the many blessings you have bestowed on my family. It is only because of you and your protection that has kept us safe. I humbly Praise You!!!

  6. Psalm 35:28

    My tongue will proclaim your righteousness, your praises all day long. You are worthy, oh so worthy. You are worthy, oh so worthy. What a privilege and an honor to worship at your throne to be called into your presence as your own!!

  7. Personal Reflections on Worship and Praise…

    Who is worship for if not for You? Who is praise for if not. for You? No one is more deserving.

    Whether I am alone or in corporate worship, You are the reason I am, and I will sing of Your glory and of Your holiness forever.

    No one and nothing will distract me from giving You my utmost attention. I want to give You more than “pew praise.” I want to give You my best praise. My highest praise. My purest praise. My holiest praise.

    When I am with You – before You – I desire only to draw breath from You and with that breath give You praise, pouring out love on top of love. I want to spend every ounce of what I have inside of me on You, like a fragrant offering. And when the perfume of my lips and heart merges with that of other true worshippers…(Mmm…)

    Who deserves worship and praise more than You?

  8. Lord I thank and praise you for a time of growth. How marvelous you are. Great is thy faithfulness. Thank you for new mercies I see. You have provided all I have needed. Thank you!

  9. Praise God I am favored by you!!! Even in my darkest time I knew that my faith in you has carried me through because I know you loved and favored me. Praise God and thanks for favoring me!!!!

  10. Everywhere we look, You are there, ready to be recognized and praised.
    May everything we look upon today and every day of our lives be a reason to exalt You even more.
    Hallelujah! Amen.

  11. The splendor of our King, clothed in majesty and all the world rejoice!

    Lord I will lift my eyes to the hills….You are the source of my strength, You are the strength of my life, I lift my hands in total praise to you! Amen!

  12. You are faithful,loving,kind, thoughtful, constant,strong,gentle, fair and the list goes on and on………
    Thank you

  13. Praise the Lord oh my soul!!! I worship you and give you all my praise as I prepare to worship you this morning. Thank you Lord, for waking me up to see this beautiful Sunday morning a day set aside for Christians to give you honor and praise!!!

  14. Father,
    What gift might I offer that represents my praise? You are worthy of my best – the first fruits of everything. How is it that in praising You, I am blessed in praise? The more I exalt You, the more I am raised. (Conversations with the King)

  15. As I awaken this morning, my mind is immediately drawn to you. What a peace that comes with knowing you were right there all along! I praise you now kind Father! I love you!

  16. God you are the rock of my salvation. My soul rest in only you. My spiritual house is built on a solid foundation. I know that with you as the master builder it will always stand. I praise you and thank you for protecting and shielding me as I travel along my journey each day!!!

  17. I realize I thank you a great deal. Praising you is usually private. I share very little with others my feelings for you, but I am glad I know you and glad you know me. Like David, my past afflictions have been good for me. They brought me closer to you, and I never plan to let go!

  18. I Love To Worship

    “I love to worship You alone. I love to worship at Your throne. LORD, at Your feet, I bow my knees. There’s no place that I would rather be.” – Jonathan Butler

    No other place affords me a greater view of Your glory or Your heart. ❤ – Forever Yours, Kim

  19. Celebrating our commitment, respect, and your forgiveness
    Why your love for me is this intense, I want to understand.
    I simply love you.

  20. God, thank you for my family,friends and the people you have placed in my life. But most of all thank you for your Son, Jesus, who died on the cross so that I can have eternal life. This is the most important gift you could have given me and for this I am truly blessed!! I know that sometimes I do not show you how much I appreciate, love and adore you but without you and your word, “I would not be the woman I am today.” I give you all the Praise!! Thank you for all that you do and all that you will do for me in the future!!!

  21. Agnus Dei by Micheal W. Smith

    For the Lord God Almighty reigns

    For the Lord God Almighty reigns

    Holy are You Lord God Almighty
    Worthy is the Lamb
    Worthy is the Lamb

    You are holy
    Holy are you Lord God Almighty
    Worthy is the Lamb
    Worthy is the Lamb


    To view a very special video, go to –>

  22. When friends divorce me and foes are against me, You remain constant. I draw breath from Your presence. Praise You Lord!

  23. Only your grace and mercy has brought me through. I know that I am living this moment because of you. I want to thank you and Praise you too!!! As I sit back and reflect on how you brought me through, your grace and mercy has helped me to stand through the good and bad times in my life. Thank you Father, for your continued Grace and Mercy!!!

  24. Is there anyone, anywhere more deserving of my praise? Early in the morning, I rise with you on my mind. In the quiet ,as all sleep, I awaken to your peace. I begin to speak to you and you to me before the busyness of the day begins. It’s as if you were waiting patiently for me to awaken. You’re there even in my sleep just like you said you would never leave me or forsake me. I only have to think on you and I become aware you are there. I praise You for Your love!!!

  25. In those moments between being asleep and awake, when no one else is alert but You and me, I love Your gentle voice and reassuring tones. You speak to my spirit and calm my restless slumber. You give me clarity and insight into heart matters and hard matters. Over and over again, You wait patiently for my response to Your words and full compliance to Your will. How I praise You for all that You are and all that You do. There really are no words in this language that can express fully how much I adore You. My precious Father, I lift up Your name, far above the earth and sky. You are Yah. Hallelujah. (Prayer-Praise-Testimony)

  26. Running to you, longing for you. Actually, I am crying as I think about how I plan to run and how much I long to see you.

    Humbled and Happy

  27. God, because of you I give you Glory, because of you I give you Praise!! I worship you because of who you are!! Because of you my life has meaning, because of you I am still breathing. You are my provider, my Prince of Peace, my Alpha and Omega, my Shelter in the time of storms!! Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi and Jehova Shalom for this I Give You all my Praise and Glory!!

  28. Away, away from the noise Alone with You Away, away to hear your voice And meet with You Nothing else matters, my one desire isTo worship You, I liveTo worship You, I live, I liveTo worship You

    Worshipping You Father

  29. Praise God for His unlimited blessings…

    He gives wisdom and guidance.
    He grants knowledge and understanding.
    He provides healing and restoration.
    He extends grace and mercy.
    He imparts.
    He covers.
    He sustains.
    He strengthens.
    He forgives.
    He loves.
    He saves.

  30. Dear God,

    I have another chance to sit at your feet like Mary…………Feeling like Martha because I am anxious to hear what you have to say. I plan to keep our date tonight, same place, same time.

    Wednesday night Bible study!!!!!

    I’ll be listening,

  31. These beautiful messages of praise are so timely and touching. May God be glorified always.

    Blessings to you all.

  32. God,when I fall down I am able to get up only with your help. Praise God for not leaving me down put picking me up no matter the circumstances!!! I am amazed at how much you love me. Praise God for your grace and mercy!!!

  33. What an amazing privilege it is to be able to go before God with a chorus of praise, singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. It is of benefit to the LORD and yet at the same time it benefits the one presenting the offering.
    The LORD resides in our praise. He inhabits and dwells there. Lift up your voice!

    Encouraging lyrics…

    “Because of who You are, I give You glory. Because of who You are, I give You praise.” – Vicki Yohe

    “You are my Flame, my Lamp, my Heat. Brighten my path to guide my feet. Oh LORD, You are my everything; my Father God. My LORD and King.” – Fred Hammond

    “I now live because He died. He died so I could live.” – Crystal Lewis

    “I’m taking on Timothy’s burden. I’m not afraid to wear these chains. And I’ll share God’s testimony. I’m a prisoner of His grace.” – The Martins

    “Sweet and true is Your love for me; You proved that at Calvary.” – Joanne Rosario

  34. I give you all the praise for waking me up this morning to see another beautiful day. I know it is only you that is allowing me to partake in this new venture in my life and for this I give you all the praise!!! To God be the Glory!!!

  35. I praise you with my WHOLE heart! It is so full of praise, adoration and worship for you. How awesome, mighty and wonderful You are! I bask in Your prescence! My soul faints for You! I dance in Your presence even as I type this. Jesus precious Saviour, Your worthy to be praised! From the rising of the sun, until the going down of the same, Your worthy, Jesus is worthy, He worthy to be praised!!! Praise Him!!!

  36. Ever had a day that made you smile because everything flowed so smoothly? That is how my day has gone. I was around people today, but I was VERY aware of His presence.
    I’ll take this kind of blessing everyday!

    Ps. 139:7 Where shall I go from your spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?

    • I can so relate to what you’re saying. God is so good! Today, I was aware of every grace He extended toward me. I love that! As I try to align my heart and mind and life with the Spirit, I notice that I can “see” more clearly. Glory to His name!

  37. “…call to God Most High, to God who fulfills [His purpose]… He reaches down from heaven and saves…” – Psalm 57 (HCSB)

    May each of your todays bring you closer to God and to the refuge He offers in the shadow of His wings.

  38. Inspired tonight during evening service. We discussed friendship and enemies, by looking at verses in the book of Proverbs. Proverbs 16:7 When a man’s ways please the Lord, he will make his enemies be at peace with him. Satan and his forces will NEVER win!

    Victory and peace,

  39. William Cowper’s song of praise and adoration, God Moves in a Mysterious Way, communicates so perfectly a message that rings true to so many of our hearts. With a mind set on worship and a heart focused on praise, study the lyrics of this beautiful song.

    “God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform; He plants His footsteps in the sea, And rides upon the storm. Deep in unfathomable mines of never failing skill, He treasures up His bright designs, and works His gracious will.”

  40. Personalized Praise…An Affirmation based on Psalm 34
    I willingly choose to praise the LORD at all times and to bless Him with the fruit of my lips always. I have tasted and seen His goodness. His greatness is before me. I accept Him as my answer. I acknowledge Him as my guiding Light. I believe Him for my security, refuge and deliverance. Yahweh is worthy to be exalted. His name will be proclaimed!

    • God, you are my all and all! You are more than worthy to be praised. I am who I am and who I hope to be and for this I give you all my praise.

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