To Live Is Christ…Week 2

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series (January 1, 2012 – March 4, 2012)

To Live Is Christ – The Life and Ministry of Paul

Phone Tree Bible Study Model: Treasure Hunting (Scripture Emphasis); Discovering Riches (Personal Study Option); So Says Beth (Lesson Summary and Quotes); The Journey to Self (Questions to Consider); Connecting (Take Away Points)

Week 2: Finding the Way

Treasure Hunting: Acts 6:1-9:31; Acts 26:1-32; Galatians 2:8; Romans 5:8; Philippians 3:12; 1 Timothy 1:15

Discovering Riches: Compile a comprehensive list of characteristics and/or notable traits about Saul (before his conversion) and then Paul (after his conversion).

So Says Beth: Week 2 shines a light on a more mature Saul. During the course of our study, Beth makes us aware of the Saul-Stephen connection, of a light from heaven, of a higher calling, and of a message and mission originating from the Divine.

– “Only Jesus could turn such a self-proclaimed enemy of the gospel into one of the greatest lovers of the gospel who ever lived. If He could change Saul and mark eternity with his life, God can change us.” (p. 30)

– “Only in Christ can a man or woman become an instrument of impressive unquestionable might – yet remain a vessel of humility, an object of grace.” (p. 32)

– “Grace never draws a line with a willing soul.” (p. 38)

– “God shares vision most often with those who are prepared to receive it.” (p. 45)

The Journey to Self: (Answer one, some, or all.)

1) What does it mean to be a “chosen instrument” of God? (Review Acts 9:15 and personalize it.)

2) How do you live a life filled with grace and power? (See Acts 6:1-8.)

3) How well do you know the One who so obviously knows you? (Spend time journaling about this.)


– The reach of God goes far beyond our pit of sin.

– Forgiveness is love’s answer to relationship.

– Speak God’s truth in the face of friends and foes alike.

– There comes a time when we must all go into quiet isolation with Christ if we are to see the works He would have us do for His glory.

This Week’s Special To Live Is Christ Blog Link:

From the Road to Damascus by Lisha

To learn more about Lisha and her amazing writing, reviews, devotionals and interests, go to Extramilegirl’s Blog.

Stay tuned to The Phone Tree to follow additional special To Live Is Christ blog links.


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