But I Say

Scripture Reference: Matthew 5:21-48

 Encountering the unexpected stressors of the day or the wear and tear of life can take much out of the well-intentioned Christian. It can be overwhelming to say the least. One might even say that it can momentarily shock the system when challenges or dilemmas that have nothing to do with self but everything to do with Satan are faced. In instances such as this, one must remember to reflect on and be obedient to the Word of God so that success is always at hand and so that actions are Word-directed versus world-driven.

In Matthew 5:21-48, the LORD reveals key lessons on how to move from a place of uh oh, I can’t believe I did that or acted that way to OK God, You are right…in the world, not of the world.  I’ll do what You say.

When the world says do harm by any means necessary (murder, death, kill with words or ways), the LORD says, do not be angry, do not harbor ill feelings or speak foolishly, instead, go and practice peace.

When the world says desire this or that, feed your cravings, and partake of that which satisfies the flesh, the LORD says, practice the art of self-control, discipline yourself, and divorce yourself from that which contributes to sin.

When the world says it is alright to unrighteously part ways with those who are positioned in your life, the LORD says, walk upright, doing righteous acts toward those around you.

When the world says it is okay to say things without consequence or regard, the LORD says, be mindful of what you say and let your yes be yes.

When the world says if someone comes against you, offends you or treats you wrong, now handle it, the LORD says, turn the other cheek, perform a kindness, and do good toward all men.

When the world says love but hate, the LORD says love and pray.

When the world says give but don’t give everything, the LORD says, give and do not turn away.

The difference between success and failure in dealing with the unexpected stressors of the day and with the wear and tear of life comes down to applying and living out the Word of God or not. More than that, it begins and ends with obedience to the “But I Say” God and His perfecting love.

Q4U: Does the world tell you what to do and how to act or does the Word of God tell you what to do and how to act?


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