To Live Is Christ…Week 3

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series (January 1, 2012 – March 4, 2012)

To Live Is Christ – The Life and Ministry of Paul

Phone Tree Bible Study Model: Treasure Hunting (Scripture Emphasis); Discovering Riches (Personal Study Option); So Says Beth (Lesson Summary and Quotes); The Journey to Self (Questions to Consider); Connecting (Take Away Points)

Week 3: Miles and Missions

Treasure Hunting: Acts 12-15; 2 Peter 3:9; John 1:12-13; 2 Timothy 3:10-11; 2 Corinthians 4:17

Discovering Riches: Complete a study on the word exhortation.

So Says Beth: In week 3, Beth provides us with detailed accounts of Paul’s journey into missionary work. We meet a number of people who are both for and against his Spirit-inspired works. We are also made aware of the types of sufferings and hardships he had to face.

– “The Holy Spirit not only sends, He also equips.” (p. 54)

– “God wants to amaze us with the wisdom of His Word. He wants to blow our minds and widen our vision! He wants to show us how relevant He is.” (p. 56)

– “Whether God uses natural means or supernatural means to deliver us from danger, both are divine provisions.” (p. 61)

– “We escape from the clutches of evil every time we draw near to the embrace of God.” (p. 63)

– “The freedom God gives is to come out and be separate from the practices of the former worldly life.” (p.71)

The Journey to Self: (Answer one, some, or all.)

1) What is the significance of Ezekiel 34:27? (Review and personalize.)

2) Why is it important that we exhort one another? (Meditate on this concept.)

3) When we suffer for the sake of Christ, what lesson is the Spirit teaching us? (Spend time journaling about this.)


– When we are called to follow Christ, the road we take will be filled with grace and growth opportunities.

– Many will oppose us as disciples of Christ, but God will equip us to endure.

– There is joy in suffering.

– Deliverance is guaranteed in Christ.


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