To Live Is Christ…Week 9

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series (January 1, 2012 – March 4, 2012)

To Live Is Christ – The Life and Ministry of Paul

Phone Tree Bible Study Model: Treasure Hunting (Scripture Emphasis); Discovering Riches (Personal Study Option); So Says Beth (Lesson Summary and Quotes); The Journey to Self (Questions to Consider); Connecting (Take Away Points)

Week 9: Letters Bridging the Miles

Treasure Hunting: Colossians 2;  John 8:32; Ephesians 6:11; Philippians 4

Discovering Riches: Review the background associated with each of Paul’s letters.

So Says Beth: At week 9, Beth takes us to Paul’s “long-awaited destination.” We learn about his heart toward God even more, as well as about his passionate desire to be used for the glory of the LORD. We are made aware of God’s purposed plan for his life, and we are shown how his ministry evolved into a unique task that had far-reaching meaning.

– “We should study the Bible to know and glorify Jesus rather than to impress others with knowledge.” (p. 182)

– “Not even the faithful are completely immune to deceptive doctrine.” (p. 183)

– “We cannot enjoy spiritual victory without actively calling on the power of God. We are only strong when we are ‘in the Lord and in His mighty power.’” (p. 189)

– “The best way to protect our minds is to fill it with the Word of God and things pertaining to godliness.” (p.191)

– “We cannot serve God wholeheartedly without the whole heart.” (p.196)

– “Peace overflowing from an active prayer life lends contentment.” (p.198)

The Journey to Self: (Answer one, some, or all.)

1) Read Psalm 51:6 (Personalize this verse.)

2) What does donning the full armor of God mean to you? (Refer to Ephesians 6:11-18.)

3) Can your actions and thoughts be traced back to the Word of God? (Spend time journaling about this.)


– What may be considered confinement to one may be viewed as freedom to another.

– In every situation, there is a more divine purpose that works in the favor of God.

– We must follow hard after God’s Truth versus the twisted and deceptive doctrine of Satan.

– Spiritual warfare is real. Once you acknowledge it as being real, the battle really begins. But trust in this truth – victory is always assured in Christ.

– Submission is an act of the heart.

– Time spent with God and His Word brings forth a changed perspective in the heart and walk of a true disciple of Christ.

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