Woo and Pursue

During my early morning praise session today, an interesting thought crossed my mind. That single thought soon led to deeper thoughts. Before I knew it, a tidal wave of colorful and expansive considerations flooded my heart. I was blissfully overwhelmed and joy-filled to the point that I did not care who heard me or saw me. While in this uninhibited state, two words kept playing over and over again in my spirit. Woo and pursue.

Woo and pursue – simple words, sweet words. Related and yet so very different. Both words, whether alone or together, spoke volumes about the love the Most High felt toward me, His beloved woman-child. Two powerful words that when personalized and inhaled granted me the freshest perspective on the covenant relationship I have with my Father.

As I stopped praising and started praying, opening myself up to the type of intimate conversation I enjoy with the LORD, I could not help but think about my heart toward God and His heart toward me. I thought about what wooing and pursuing meant in the purest sense. About what dating God (one of my favorite things to do) looked like. It caused me to reflect on David and so many countless others who were wooed and pursued by the LORD in their time.


Review the following definitions. Personalize the meanings. 

Woo by definition means…to seek the favor, affection, or love of, especially with a view to marriage; to seek the affection of with the intent to romance; to invite or entreat; to try to gain or make someone fall for you.

Pursue by definition means…to follow in order to overtake; to capture; to chase; to follow close upon; to attend; to go with; a quest to gain.


Read the questions below. Write your personal thoughts and reflections in a journal. 

– What does it mean to woo and pursue? (In your own words.) 

– Do I woo and pursue God? 

– Have I appreciated God’s blessed efforts to woo and pursue me?



Heavenly Father, touch the heart and mind of each woman who chooses to be wooed and pursued by You. Amaze her with Your presence and dazzle her with Your beauty. Show her just what she means to you. In the name of the sweetest and greatest Love, Jesus. Amen.


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