March Madness…Of the Bible Study Variety

One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land by Priscilla Shirer

“The Egyptians in Exodus 1 were intent on enslaving the Israelites, wearing them down so that God’s chosen people would become disillusioned and not live up to their destiny. Of the original two million Israelites who received God’s invitation to enter the Promised Land, only two actually entered it!

Similarly, modern-day Christians often hear and understand the promises of God each Sunday morning at church but then rarely choose to experience them in everyday life. In One in a Million, Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer invites us to change that pattern for good, living beyond our circumstances and expecting to see God move in miraculous ways day after day. Without a doubt, we can find and follow God’s purpose for our journey. We can make it to the Promised Land!” –

Phone Tree Bible study lessons will be posted each Sunday, starting March 11, 2012. Join us for this incredible 6-week series, and confidently head toward your place of promise. 

Tuesday Table Talk featuring highlights from Mary DeMuth’s book, Beautiful Battle

“What is the enemy of the believer? Satan, yes. But what’s one of his most effective, hidden tactics? Boredom. Or anything that lulls the believer away from adventurous, risky faith. ” – Mary DeMuth


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