Table Talk Tuesdays…Beautiful Battle by Mary DeMuth

(A Message based on Mary DeMuth’s book, Beautiful Battle: A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare)

“…God would win the battle for my life and eventually my heart.”

Mary DeMuth, Beautiful Battle

Table Talk: Doing life, what’s it about? Tough situations, hard knocks, learning experiences, sweat, struggle and grace? All of this piled on the heart of the woman who wants to recognize the presence of God in her life and acknowledge the overwhelming victory that comes in knowing Jesus Christ. Life is exactly this and more. But with every tough situation, hard knock, struggle and the like that we are called to face, God has already won the battle for our lives. As we rally on, He wants us to understand that He would also have our hearts.

Reflections: Many times, we forget that the LORD fights for us. We forget that He has already ended our wars and conquered our battle zones. Instead of functioning in defeat, let us learn to live victoriously, heart-to-heart in love with the LORD.

Table Talk Discussion Question: Do you allow the LORD God to handle your battles? Why or why not?

To learn more about Beautiful Battle or about Mary DeMuth, go to


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