One In A Million…No More Shackles

A Phone Tree March Madness Bible Study Series

One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land by Priscilla Shirer

Week 1 in Summary:

Learning to live in freedom and abundance can be a difficult task for those who are chained to the problem of sin. However, for those who dare to believe in the God who holds the key to freedom in His hand, liberation is achievable. It is possible to learn to let go of the chains of our bondage.

Week 1 Quotes from Priscilla – Shackle Free:

– “Identifying what keeps us from entering into a powerful and life-altering relationship with God will help us determine how to overcome our bonds.” (p. 10)

– “The curse of sin enslaves our souls; it is a lock and chain that keeps us from finding freedom.” (p.11)

– “Your journey toward abundance and fullness must start at the foot of the cross.” (p. 12)

– “…living in freedom depends on our response to the Devil’s mind games…He causes us to think that freedom is impossible. By getting us mired in a lifestyle of sin, he makes us feel hopeless.” (p.16)

– “We can enjoy true spiritual freedom only when we commit to accepting the pure, daily bread God provides.” (p. 22)

– “When we accept Christ and lean on Him to help us move past the lifestyle sins that entrap us, you and I are free of Egypt.” (p. 24)

A Phone Tree Q4U: What does the enemy use to keep you chained to sin?

Join The Phone Tree over the next 6 weeks as we learn what it takes to confidently head toward God’s place of promise. 

Phone Tree Bible Study Rating: 5/5 Stars *****


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